Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not So Eventful Weekend

I have not blogged in a while. My mom and stepdad were here this past week and we kept semi busy. My mom helped me sew a lot and showed me all her "tricks". Which I watched her do many times but still cant seem to do. We ate, which we do so much of when she is here. Of course there was a trip to Pink Berry! She was like a kid in the candy store when it came to the Commissary. The Naked beverage she drinks is normally $5-$6 but is only $3 there. My mom doesn't eat meat {and hell anything else that is good!} so I did not  bother to go to the store before she arrived. I said to Ryan, "Only thing I know she eats is salad and I'm sure I'd pick the one that is bad for you."

Friday, Ryan and I had our first date night in I think well over a year. We saw Life As We Know It, then headed to my favorite place The Melting Pot. I love that place! I have always left that restaurant feeling sick and asking my self why I ate that much. But you can't help it. I even asked for more brownies. Those last 2 little brownie chunks were the death of me! It was so nice to get out and eat with 2 hands, see a movie that has no cartoons in it and hop right in the car without buckling 27 buckles!

Ain't we just too cute?

Saturday, my parents left and headed up to Huntington beach. I'm assuming my stepdad's broken airplane that prevented Kylie's Paw Paw to be here Thursday got them home safely. Seeing as I got a call that my "toll violation" came in the mail.$59 because I had no cash to pay a toll and forgot to do it online!

Sunday, I sewed and destroyed the house as usual. I have 4 or 5 things started but some how haven't finished anything! How does that work? I should probably make my new project be finishing all my old projects. What I really should of been sewing is my favorite pair of pants!
 These things are my favorite. Ive had them for hmm 4 years now. I acquired them from a friend and know I appreciate them far more than she would have. My mom recently patched that hole my face is in. They use to be okay to wear in public, now adays I can barely run an errand in them. I try to wear them just around the house. The Commissary has a dress code and I'm positive these don't meet the criteria. Which I might add I find it ridiculous they have a dress code of any sort. And I can hear my mother saying "You shouldn't wear anything you cant wear there anyways." The many dress code battles I fought as a teen at school.

Monday, Ryan had a day off. He and Kylie went to get his hair cut, which is their outing that she looks forward to every weekend. I cleaned, sewed and went shopping, for food of course. All of our friends are deploying this week so we invited a few over to BBQ. Wanted to make sure to see them before they left!

That was our not so eventful weekend!

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  1. Meridith! I love that you did the stepdad (dad) thing. That is how I am look at it too :) So glad you all had a date night together FINALLY!