Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MIA= Mommy In Action

I've been pretty MIA in the blog world lately. But I think it is because it is so crazy around here when Ryan is away for a while. So I am  not "Missing In Action". I'm being a "Mommy In Action". Plus I have just been one lazy bum. It has rained from Saturday to Tuesday. And I know you are all saying, doesn't it NOT rain in California? I beg to differ. When it rains here it pours and it floods. The gate was flooded on one side yesterday making it confusing to get in. {If you were one of those idiots who went in the visitor lane without looking to see what color the light was, I want to kick you}I realize that it doesn't rain much in California and this is why they don't have many drains but it just makes no sense to me. The few times it does rain we need more drains so things are flooding! There is ONE drain for every 5 that North Carolina has.

Saturday we had another birthday party in the culdasac. These neighbors have really made me feel welcome and I have started to love being here. Where as I am the farthest over and hide from my other neighbors I am not so fond of, when I get out of the house and do not hide it's always fun. Lenora is so sweet and we always have good conversation and she has love for Chickfila just like us! I don't just say that because she blogs as well. I do enjoy having her as a neighbor. Our kids are both within months of the same age which is a great thing to have in common.

Monday I got horrible news that my longest dearest friends lost their husband/father. He had diabetes and went in on Friday to get his foot amputated. Surgery didn't go as well as planned. By Monday he had had a heart attack and they did a brain scan that proved him to be brain dead. He was pulled off life support soon after. This man was such an amazing person. He was a gentle giant and was loved as well as loved many. This family has been in my life since the day I was born. Many years ago we lived next door to each other. My brother was the same age as their oldest daughter. My older sister is the same age as the youngest daughter. My younger sister is the same age as the son. No I did not miss a kid to match up to my age! I have given Mommy Janet, my moms best friend, a hard time for years. She forgot a kid for me. My mom said that if I could of seen the look on her face when she told her she was pregnant with me I would know why. Ok got a little side tracked but this family means alot to our family. It is killing me to be so far away at this time and although I could not do much more than be there, I want to be there.

All day yesterday I wanted nothing more but to eat Olive Garden. After Melissa {Mo} got off work she was wanting brownies. So we made an executive decision to go out at around 8 at night for a brownie and Olive Garden run. We got home the kids were asleep and oh how I love the easy nights like that. Mo took no time waiting to make those brownies. {She is 8 weeks pregnant. (:}I took one bite of my 5 cheese ziti and it did NOT hit the spot as I thought it would all day long. However those 4 bread sticks I ate were exactly what I wanted. So I will have lunch for today. On our way home we could of would of should of been in a wreck but some how passed it all easily. A car had spun out, from what we could put together, and was facing the wrong direction in the middle of the 5. A big truck was in the second lane we were in the far right lane, he had stopped in time but I know better than to slam on my breaks while going 65 in the rain so I slowly stopped and we went right by it all. As we went by we saw the backwards car drive away. Mo said she had direct contact with the man driving and saw the wife's face and it was complete terror, as mine would be. It still blows my mind how as far as we know no one was injured and we could all drive away. All that truck had to do was swerve over to get out of the way and there goes my drivers side and that would me little miss Delainey. Scares the crap out of me but we are fine and that is all that matters.

Pictures are down until tomorrow or I would have some for you, hope you all have had a great start to the week!

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  1. Awww... thanks for the shout out! :) Looks like we will be neighbors for while, so we definitely will be making a Chick-fil-a trip SOON! Anytime you get bored, just come on over!