Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How many tickets did you say I had?!?

My husband normally gets off anywhere between 4 and 5 but yesterday to our surprise got off before 2. He had an errand to run then he would be on his way home. About 45 minutes went by and I knew it shouldn't of taken that long. I finally got a text from him saying " I'm sitting at the gate because of my tint, this is retarded." I don't think either one of us thought anything more of it. We have gotten pulled over in his car between the two of us at least 5 times in the past few weeks.

So some time passes no text back. I get a call with his frantic voice. The cop actually ran his drivers license this time. He then proceeded to tell Ryan that he has gotten 15 tickets, had his license revoked twice and been in an accident. First off he hasn't gotten a ticket since 2005. Second he has never gotten his license revoked. Third obviously by looking at his car he has never been in an accident. {ok since Garst tried to smoosh him into a cement wall} So he gets home and we look up numbers to call and try to figure out what to do about it all. Obviously it is a case of stolen identity. I just got my credit checked when we moved and it was fine, I'm assuming his is still in tact and no one is using his social. Hopefully the only thing being used is his drivers license.

Of course to our luck this all happened around 3:15 west coast time so all the offices in North Carolina were closed. And again to our luck he leaves Friday and has 2 days to figure all of this out. What baffles me is this guy {assuming its in fact a male} has had his license number long enough to get pulled over that many times! And how horrible of a driver is this person? After sitting thinking about it all for a while we both looked at each other and thought hmm maybe the cop just typed in his name and clicked it. There is in fact another Ryan Michael Burke in the Lake Norman area that we are from.

Little bit of a side track but a few years ago the other Ryan Burke fell threw a roof and was pretty badly injured, I believe he was in the paper as well. The amount of phone calls the two of us got were ridiculous. The weirdest part is both Ryan Burke's have a brother named Brendan.

So back to the real story, Ryan called his brother and said "Hey can you call Ryan Burke." Explained the story. After his brother laughed and gave the response" Oh dammmnnn, dammmmmn." after each sentence my husband said to him he agreed to call him. Still haven't heard back from him though. My husband will be calling the DMV and our insurance company to make sure our insurance doesn't go up. How did it not go up already?! And how and why wouldn't they tell us about it. I can't believe people do these things. We are fortunate enough to have the military to back him up to say yes he was here he hasn't left the state and so on and so forth. I'm hoping to catch this man and sue the crap out of him for fraud. Okay I doubt we will find him but hey we could use that money!

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  1. Oh my goodness! That is crazy stuff!!! I hope everything works out and it is just the other Ryan.