Friday, October 15, 2010

Bathing Blues

Kylie has never really enjoyed taking baths. She loves to play and be in the bath but water in general is not her thing. Much like her mother who didn't learn how to swim until 3rd grade. I was that kid in the pool with floaties, a tube, and a noodle. So getting Kylie to take a bath is quite a challenge. You have to convince her that it will be the most exciting event of her 3 year old little life. Then while in the bath you have to again talk your way into getting her hair washed. Most often I would say she had bugs, spiders, food ok anything that would make her want to wash her hair. I try for a bath every other night. Never happens but the thought is there.

This was a while ago but shows how much she hates baths! lol
Recently Ryan was in charge of baths and all was going well. They all came out alive and he wasn't soaked upon leaving the bathroom. Until one day a few weeks ago the world ended in Kylie's eyes. Ryan was drying Delainey off as I was in the other room and I said "Did you leave Kylie in the bath alone? " His response, "Yes, she's at the age I don't have to stare at her in the bath the whole time she's in there." Not a minute later Kylie is screaming in agony. He had told her to wash her body. I walk in and 2 bottles of soap were empty in her bath soap bubbles were filling the bath her head, eyes, nose, mouth and anything else that would be painful. I had to let the water out and get clean water to attempt to debubble the child. About the time she had enough with the screaming, and mind you this screaming was like I took the poor girls barbies and held them over a 10 story window. I rinsed her as much as I could without her scratching and biting me. {Ryan said he was impressed on how she was trying to defend her self, me wasn't so impressed.} She must of swallowed quite a bit of soap and almost threw up once we got her cleaned off. Poor girls eyes were blood shot. Needless to say Daddy felt bad and will never leave her in the bath alone again.

Now she is going on maybe 3 weeks of no hair washings. I've tried everything I know how but at this point I'm glad I can even get her in the bath. We will be taking baby steps to get back to where we were. At first she was scared of the bath now she will get in just doesn't want her hair washed. Last night I was able to wet her hair just no soap. I swear she will have dreads before I know it.


  1. OH no shes going to be like me. I JUST showered last night (the first time this week) because knew I would be taking pictures Friday and Saturday....yikes! lol.

  2. Try Avons bath colors she can paint herself. Also walmart carries a cup that will help keep the water out of her face. If that doesnt work give her the soap and let her go for it! We also have used a octopus(from walmart near the bubble bath) and bath tabs....he squits colored "ink" when you insert the tab in its mouth. The octopus goes one the faucet! let me know if you need anymore ideas