Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Babies are going to be everywhere!

I bet you all thought I was pregnant again. Nope I'm going to be an Aunt!

Yep I said it I'm going to be an Aunt. Before all my family freaks out no it is not Katie. Kelly {best friend} is pregnant. I have been holding this information in for months now and it is killing me. I was so happy when she gave me the okay to blog about that little bambino. Kelly is due April 2011. The day before she found out she told me she was late so when I got the 6am wake up call I ignored it knowing what she was going to say. So I went back to sleep and thank God I did! That day was I believe more stressful than the day I found out I was pregnant at 16 with Kylie. I paced my house all day trying to take in the news. I was more than excited for her but so stressed about being thousands of miles away from her at a time like this. I was on the phone all day with her as well as texting Lacy. We waited for Danielle to get home from the beach to give her the news. Were on a three way call and it got confusing to know who was talking so at first Danielle thought I was pregnant again. Once Danielle knew I could calm my nerves a little. For the next week I would get texts randomly from Danielle that would just say "dude Kelly is pregnant". It still has not quite set in but now that she is spilling the beans I think it will become more real.

I can't wait to spoil her kid the way they all spoil my kids. I thought it would be a while before Kylie would have cousins of any sort. I plan to be in North Carolina the entire month of April to make sure not to miss the birth of this beautiful little baby.
This was exactly 5 1/2 years ago tomorrow.

Not once on that day would either of us think 5 years from then I would have two kids living in California. Or that she would have one on the way. Life works in mysterious ways. I like to think kids at a young age is a blessing and I am so glad to be able to be there for her through this time. We've been thru a lot in our friendship but would never let any silly fight get in our way. I'm excited for her to start this adventure and ready to  help her in any way possible. Love you Shmelllls! :D


  1. I was like OMG Meridith is pregnant again...SHE WILL BE GIVING THIS NEXT BABY TO ME! lol. Congratulations Kelly, what a blessing!

  2. i am so happy to have both of you my best friends.. now i really do get to have a super aunt tshirt..but you guys are going to have to wait LONG time before you get to be aunts to any of my children. haha but atleast i can play with babies in the mean time!! I LOVE YOU BOTH MORE THAN ANYTHING.. flower power til the end