Saturday, September 18, 2010

To: My Husband

I often take my amazing husband for granite. I do not give him enough credit for the long hours he puts in and the things he does for his family. He gets up in the wee hours of the morning to feed Delainey, then gets ready for work in the dark. {First time in a while his shirt was on inside out yesterday}We have had many ups and downs in the 5 1/2 years we have been together but I am very happy to state that we still love each other the same as we did the first day we met.

In a month it will mark the 4 years Ryan has been in the Marine Corps. He now gets a service stripe on his blues, and I am so proud of where he has come. He strives every day to be the best Marine he can. My husband is an underground motard and deep down inside loves every bit of getting yelled at, kicked, hit or whatever else his job brings at him. He looks forward to deployments and hopes to see "action" while away.

Our little girls have him wrapped around his finger more than any little girls I've ever seen. In Ryan's first 3 years in he was deployed more than he was home. This past year is the longest Kylie has been with her daddy since she was born. He has also been home for almost Delainey's entire first year.  They both love jumping on and playing with him. Ryan and Kylie wear Panthers jerseys on football Sundays and do matching touch down dances.  -Obviously not alot since we are talking about the Panthers here.

"One of the best feelings in the world is when I come home and my baby girl screams Daddy"
Ryan gets up every Saturday morning with the girls so I can get the chance to sleep in. He does this knowing that even if I promise to get up the next morning that I will most likely smack him and make him get up. He has been more than patient with my migraines that I have day by day. Ryan understands that I don't always feel like cooking a real dinner. And thankfully understands that I am still learning to cook. He calls me beautiful and tells me I look good even when I can not fit into the jeans I did before Delainey. I flick,pinch. hit and kick him and he still tries to kiss me. There are mot many mornings he forgets to kiss me good bye. I'm known to spend most of our extra money on my dirty obsessions and addictions at the Coach store. He would never yell or be mad at me for doing so.

Dear Husband,
You are amazing and I thank you for the things you
do for me and the girls daily.
Without you we would be lost and I thank God not
only for giving you to me but for helping
us stay together through all the things our life has
thrown at us.
I love you.

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