Saturday, September 25, 2010


Operation Security-OPSEC- In easy terms to understand here is a site that will describe it to all of you who have no idea what I'm talking about.

In general OPSEC is for the safety of our military men, eek and women, so people do not know when and where units will be arriving in different countries so on and so forth. On all of Ryan's deployments so far the date to leave and come home changes ALL the time. We made up a code because he could not tell me the date right over the phone. We played "battleships". He would simply say J 16. And I would know he was said to be home January 16th! It worked wonders.

I never once thought twice about saying when Ryan was gone training or could care less who knew he was not home. I recently came across an article of a Navy Wife who had posted on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace that her husband was deployed. She was later murdered and the police believe the killer did it knowing she would be alone. Since that day I have tried to be more cautious of the things I post the amount of times I say I am alone. I realize I am on base and much safer but it still makes sense to not let the entire world know I am alone. So if you ask when Ryan is gone or why I'm alone I may possibly delete the post after the conversation is over. Do not get offended it is for mine and the girls safety. And to all other military wives, take off your "half my heart is in _____" stickers off your car. People will follow you because of that sticker alone to see if you are alone. The yellow ribbons on your trees, same thing. You'd think we would get more respect for being alone but we are targets. Targets for the disgusting men out there who want nothing more than to find the perfect victim to rape and murder.

Now I still agree it does not matter who knows that my husband is in the field for the week. I don't think a terrorist could really care that his unit was playing in a dang field

So for future reference, I will be going insane for the next few months because of my husbands schedule and the insanity of the constant coming and going.


  1. Ok so its 230 am and I'm so tired since I'm juuuust getting home from work. (We are moving the store in two days so lots of late nights) anyways, even tho I'm incredibly tired, I had to get on to read ur blog. I'm really starting to scare myself with this addiction I have for it lol. Keep them coming ;) ur making me want to start writing. Seems like a great stress reliever :)

  2. i completly agreed with you.. its sad you guys dont have more respect but uhh i dont want anythign happening to my best frannn and my little babiesss