Monday, September 13, 2010

Ohhh blogggg I have missed you!

It has been far too long since I have blogged. Not even sure what I have to talk about. We moved about a month ago on base. Love love love it so far. Its a great change for the whole family. Kylie is able to have more kids to play with, and I am able to also have more friends to hang out with. Our good friends the Carroll's also moved on base and it works perfectly.

Moving is crazy, especially when it is only 45 minutes from your old house. You start out being organized and packing things neatly and in some sort of order. Then it gets to the point where you just throw things in boxes. I found a box that had holiday decorations, towels, and kitchen stuff. I have most of the house completely unpacked, then you have my husbands random box of stuff that he has no idea what to do with. It will sit in our room for a while I'm sure. My oldest, Kylie, has 2 huge boxes of toys I have no idea what to do with as well. Other than that it is time to start hanging things on the walls!
10 Wood Frames in a Box Set, Black
I want one of these!

I am finally attending a Marine ball! This will be my husbands 4th ball in the Marines, first two years he was deployed and the third I was 9 months pregnant. I have a dress a friend will be sending me and I can not wait to try it on. So now I am left to figure out what shoes I should wear and how to do my hair! Up, down, to the side, curled, or straight??? Far too many things to question.

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  1. So we just found out Chris's ball is the 12th of November. I have nothing to wear and really don't know what to get! Of course I had to tell him when the ball was because he didnt even know!