Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It was a TuTu of a Success

I have spent many hours at the fabric store since I received my sewing machine. I go at night when Ryan can have the girls. If you could only imagine my two little monsters in a store such as that. I park in the exact same spot every time and get there around 7:45. Never fails that the parking spot is free. The same lady cuts my fabric every time. I'm beginning to feel like a regular in the world of sewing.

I tried a tutu for the second time. SUCCESS! I finally accomplished. Kylie helped, even though it was after her bed time, and was more than excited to bring it up to her room. She put it on first thing this morning and I found her a Halloween shirt to match. It's a funny feeling to feel so accomplished like you actually did something. Now I realize it was a tutu I shouldn't be getting that excited but I am. I will make one for Delainey tonight. Any of you Mamma's want a Halloween tutu for your munchkins? I'll gladly whip one up for you.
Picture isn't very good, but it will do.

My computer is failing on me hopefully I can slip this later.

I can't wait to reveal what I have been making and working so hard on. Soon very soon people you will see. :) I like the anticipation I can give you all. My husband has all the hopes in the world for me to go big with all these idea I have. And I hope he is right. Now back to creating master pieces!


  1. Your pics arent loading up! Anyways I saw a girl the other day at dance class with the cutest tutu bag...next project??


  2. You can't see the pictures!! Now Im left in suspense!

  3. I'm sorry. I've been trying to fix it all day. :( my computer is not cooperating. I will try tonight so check back!

  4. OK. I want a tutu! I'll pay you for it. And I'm about to message you on facebook about a business proposition! :) Maybe we can help "fund" your "Coach" addiction! :)