Monday, September 27, 2010

"Friends", They Come They go but Friends are Forever

It's funny how fast you can stop talking to the people you call your "friend". I know hundreds of people, people I went to school with, worked with, or just met at a party. But out of those hundreds on my facebook page a select few I can count on. I've known the same crowd of people for years.

The people you call your "friends" are the ones who show up to a get together here and there, who only text or call when they have nothing better to do, or who try to sell you something for the price they would sell a stranger. The people that get mad at you for stating your opinion then never discussing the argument just pretending as if it never happen.You know the ones who can't stand being around your 3 year old because she wants their attention.

They are gonna kill me...
These are the people you want in your life's. The ones who can sit at your house doing absolutely nothing and not care. The friends that just come over to see you even if you have no plans or nothing to do. You make a boring day of packing into a fashion show of you dads random items in the closet. These two girls I would be so lost without. We are thousands of miles apart but they are who keep me sain. I could not talk to them for a week but I know they still love me. I know they will be there when I need them. We can get in an argument or even beat the crap out of each other but that will never change how we feel about each other.

Ok this is them on a normal day, they clean up nicely dont they?

It's crazy how horrible some people can be. People who think its okay to scam others out of money just because they don't know better. {Selling something for almost as much as you payed for it} In my eyes I will always help people, stranger or not. If I do not need an item I will give it to someone. My life does not revolve around money and I have learned in the past years I can not stand people whose do. Yes, I love nice things and I am quite fond of alot of them BUT I can live without. We don't not have all the money in the world right now and we do not freak out. I find it stupid to freak out and not live life as usual. You can not save more money by stressing out and reminding your self you are broke. Or the people who can only talk when it has to do with them. They start talking, spill their guts about what is wrong in their lives but the second you mention something in your life, "Well I have to go. Talk to you later." I get that a lot from quite a few people. Its like I'm just here to vent to, that's it. And not to mention it's normally the people who have nothing real wrong in their life.

How many of you have all these people who use to be there for you but you now realize they never really were it was all an act? Moving has really showed me who my real friends are. I talk to Danielle, Kelly, and Lacy regularly, well besides my family. They are who I want to move home for. Not saying the other people there are not liked, those are just the ones who show their commitment to our friendship. Some people I never expected to hear alot from have really showed me they care and love to hear about my life. {Miss Dana Lempp} I've made a great friend who we call Mo. They always say military wives stick together and can become your best friend and she has proved it. She has made my life in CA all the more bearable.

Life is short. Do not fret on the small things and better yet the small people who do not matter in your life. :)


  1. Military life and being away from home teaches you a lot about those "friends"

  2. i could not agree more on the issue of "friends" these people who call themselves your friend but yet dont ever truely act like a friend. they are there just adding fluff to your life, the people you fill your time with because you have nothing better to do, the ones who only call when they want something but are never truely there when you need them. the ones who act all nice and friendly to your face but the moment you are away from them they act as if you dont exist. yes i know some such people. moving to a whole new state has taught me who my "friends" are and who my FRIENDS are. thank you for this post. at least some one else knows what i am talking about.