Friday, September 17, 2010

Doctor VS Mother knows best

In my 3 1/2 years of mother hood I have now only been to the ER once and it was not a real "emergency". I am my mothers child and do not really believe in all the shots and medicines they have. Mind you I am not as bad as her, I take Tylenol and Excedrin daily. But I think we have done well as parents to keep our girls healthy.
Tuesday, Delainey woke up from her nap and had a 103 temperature. She went to sleep perfectly normal and fine, not to mention in her 10 months of life she has never been sick.  So yes I panicked. I raced to find Tylenol and Motrin, called her doctor in Temecula. They were full for the day, called a friend for the Pediatrician on base. It was 3pm and the Navel Hospital said I could just bring her to the ER. Her fever got down to 100 by the time the nurse checked her. We sat patiently with our then happy baby because the Tylenol set in. {Keep in mind when I was younger I had seize rs because of a spiked fever and Kylie had done something similar a year or 2 ago. Fevers terrify me for this reason}Going in I knew she would be fine and it was an ear infection.

After the long 4 1/2 hours the doctor could care less what we said or what was wrong with her. She simply looked at her ears, acted as if we had no idea what we were doing and shouldn't be in there. We were asked to take her onsie off which was fine but we were then scolded for wrapping her in a blanket.

" When your kid has a fever don't wrap them in things, just keep blankets far away so you don't get tempted."

Ok so shocking her with the cold after taking off her clothes is okay? NO. The doctor also told me a fever should spike up that high in less than an hour. Am I the crazy one thinking she is wrong?? An infant to have a fever that high is not NORMAL! I understand that she is an ER doctor and our problem was not an emergency, but pretend to care. Pretend as if you give a damn that my daughter spiked that high of a fever. Luckily she prescribed her amoxicillion and we could get it filled and be on our way. My one trip to the ER has me deciding they should have a section for kids. All moms know best for their kid. All they had to do was look at her ears and know I was right. That could of saved hours off our visit!

Thank goodness we had Mo and Jay watch Kylie. I could not imagine having her there the whole time. Delainey is now on a no sleep binge. She skips every nap, every day. I'm going on 4 days of no shower. I always shower during her naps but without the nap, there is no shower. She has also learned how to escape from her swing so I cant even put her there and shower quickly without her climbing out and getting hurt. I promise you all I will hop in the shower the second Ryan gets home today!
This is why I do not leave my kids alone!

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