Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can I really do this?

After so much anticipation my sewing machine finally arrived. I was like a little girl on Christmas morning waiting for this little beauty. It's also an embroidery machine, so our names will be on everything shortly. The touch screen menu has all these help tabs. It will give you step by step video directions how to put thread on your bobbin. I have not sewn in years but have all these ideas running around in my head made me want a machine more than anything. I will not share my ideas because I love a good surprise.

My first master piece was quite the fail, so much a fail I cant even photograph to show you. One hint, when you think you should do something one way DO IT. Do not listen to your husband. I am in no way being mean but he is a Marine for a reason. He did not pick a seamstress as his job. He loves to help and I love him for that. But if you look at all his gear, its "fixed" with duct tape! But I will say that I tried a tutu. I was so unaware of the fact that it would scrunch up as much as it did. I however did not get discouraged. Its been years, I can keep trying and will succeed at some point.

I'm currently struggling to understand the directions on the pattern I got. Its telling me to do things that I have no idea what its talking about. My poor mother, she will get phone call after phone call of questions on how to sew and what I should do. As if she already doesn't get enough phone calls for cooking advice! This next thing I am for lack of a better word attempting, will be for a fellow Marine girl. I hope it turns out good enough to send to her.

Well back to staring at my directions! Hoping Delainey naps so I can get stuff done! :)

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