Thursday, September 23, 2010

Base Living is the Place to Be

So far I have no real complaints about living on base. We have a much larger house, with great storage closets and more! I will hopefully be able to post some pictures soon once we get pictures on the walls and such.

The commissary is great to shop at. Everything is cheap and you can get anything you need there. Not to mention they have a car on their shopping cart, which obviously is all the rage in a 3 year olds eyes. {Might I mention that thing is a pain in the rear end to steer} Only problem we have come up with about the commissary is you can not purchase beer there which can become an inconvenience for my husband. In California you can purchase liquor at grocery stores so we got very use to that. Luckily there is a liquor store right across the street from the commissary.

Our furniture is FINALLY not smothered and covered in dust. It's a great feeling to not have constant head aches from allergies. We have carpet. Some hate carpet, I'm in love. Ive become obsessed with vacuuming, I like to be able to see the vacuum lines on my carpet. Yep, I'm strange. Our closet is finally not itsy bitsy and you can actually see all of my clothes at one time. {Our old one was 3 huge sliding mirrors, my stuff took up 3/4s of it}The furniture in our bedroom can finally be displayed as it should not squished in a corner up against a sliding door. :) Kylie has space to actually play in her room. And there is room for all her toys. Delainey's room is finally big enough to fit more than her dresser and crib in it. My poor visitors who got squished in her old room. There was room for our extra bed and that's about it. They had to squeeze their suit case at the end of the bed. I can fit my car in the garage WITH all of our paraphernalia in it. My stroller can stay unfolded for easy use to walk.
This is our HUGE kitchen that I do not know how to fill!

My complaints for base living: The shooting. They shoot things all day long some times. Who knows what the heck they are shooting but its loud and shakes my entire house. The first night I heard it it sounded like foot steps and I was alone and freaking out. By now I have gotten use to it but it has been over a day that they have been shooting. What can possibly make that much noise? I realize this is the stuff my husband does on a day by day basis but can you take it farther away from my house please? It wakes up my baby from her nap.

The speed limits! Who on earth can honestly go 15 mph?! That's absurd. My car has not seen that speed unless parking. I may be a little bit of a speeder but my lordy it is so hard to not speed on base knowing how horrible the MP's {military police} are. One day I was running to the store real quick, got a police escort to park my husbands car. They pulled me over because his tint was too dark and his tail lights are blacked out.  The look on this poor cops face when I put down that window and he realized I was in fact not a male. He told me I could only get pulled over so many times but then what? My husband cant go to work? Okay pull me over again please.

 He said "Ma'am you will get fined for this out in town if you don't get your husband to fix this problem." Me, "Ok, I'm sure we will just pay the fine"  "You don't want to be wasting all your money on silly fines do you?"
" It's not my money its my husbands and I'm pretty sure he likes his car to look this way. " " Its your money too isn't it, don't you spend it?" " I spend it well but he earns it not me so its his money."

Poor man was so shocked I did not claim my husbands money. Needless to say we have not changed his car, but I do refuse to drive it on base.

My final complaint, no starbucks on base! I realize they do not support our troops so that is the reason but sheesh I would love it to be more convenient to have a latte!


  1. your blogs are my best friend right now considering they are helping me get through this awfully boring break i have right now, and they are very good i might add. oh and i need to save my money so i can come and see this house too, and meet a husband.. HAHAHAH KIDDING.. but anyways thank you for occupying my time.. love you

  2. Post(as you Marines call it base) housing is great! We have lived on base for both post we were at and love it!! The commisary is my BFF I can feed our family of four for 2 weeks on 150 and eat WELL! Love it. You can buy liquor here at walmart(Im not sure about the grocery stores because we only have one and its ghetto) We cant hear the ranges very often at our house unless they blow somthing up with a ton of c4!! It happened the other day and you could look down the road and see tons of heads looking out their doors. Anyways at FT Lewis we it would shake our house too the first time it happened it scared the crap out of me!! Anyways cant wait to see pics of your casa!

  3. There is an amazing coffee shop by the San Onfroe gate that makes some of the best espresso. If you are still at CP you should check it out, if not you know for next time.