Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

This Wednesday I wish for sanity. I wish the Marine Corps would just for once go as planned. I am a planner. I would plan out my entire day hour by hour if I could. Mind you living here I have no friends or family so there is no reason to plan out how many cookies I eat or how many times I get off my behind to pee. But not the point, knowing me I would write all that out. My husband has been trying to reenlist for over a week now. Monday I think his company was the only company working, so the career planner wasn't there, Tuesday his Sgt refused to let him go talk to him, today the Career planner is too busy, so tomorrow it is. If he doesn't get to talk to him and figure out what is going on I will go bonkers. I try not to complain about the uncertainty of the Marine Corps because I knew what was going on when I married the Marine Corps, nope sure didn't marry my husband.

He has a few options to choose from when it comes to reenlisting. Some will end with me being able to go back home. Which I would LOVE. Others we will be here for longer, which would not be as bad as I use to think. I just really wish I could settle my mind and not be going crazy trying to analyze what we would do with each option he has.
My mind is ahhh racing!

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