Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Living in So Cal the weather is always nice. Its to the point where you want a rainy day to just cuddle up in bed. We have a good sized back yard. and I so bad would love some amazing furniture to put out there.
Noronha Outdoor Patio Set - Zuo Modern
Something like this would be  nice.
I'll take the background if its available too.
New 2010 13' Tan Patio Umbrella Wooden Market Umbrella Patio Furniture
This table would be perfect for summer dinner.

We have 2 lounge chairs, that my wonderful husband gave me. But you can't eat dinner on a lounge chair. We bought a picnic table when we first moved here. A quick cheap table for our first BBQ right when we moved here. Little did I know it was going to be our permanent outdoor dining table. As a Marine wife I always have back in my head well if we buy that now it will be more to move, and will the next place have a back yard. So I will be content with the way things have been until the next place. Then we will probably be somewhere that has seasons, and it will rain and my summer dinners will not be as cute as my little domestic mind is thinking. Because right now I imagine our Margarita glasses with matching pitcher from Cabo, candles lite, the smell of the grill, and my wonderful Marine friends surrounding the table.
I have a rule when using these glasses, you break one, you are taking me back to Cabo.
I love them, but darn it someone break one and take me back!
If you know me you know that I constantly say how bad I want to move back home and how bad I want my friends back. Well in the last week I have been so content with the way things are. Granite I would just love my husband to be home longer than 48 hours. We may be moving on base which will make things far easier on all of us. I will be closer to my favorite Marine Wife Mo, (Melissa Carroll) Ryan will not have as long of a drive, I can meet way more people living on base, and hopefully we can get a bigger house. I'm not sure why it took me well over a year to accept living here, but thank God it did. It was beginning to get a little stressful hating life all the time.

Mo came over yesterday and it was so great to talk to someone over the age of 3. She's one of those people that you can talk about anything with. Mo is a great person and I'm so grateful to of finally met her after our husbands being together for almost 4 years. I'm not just saying this because she could possibly read this. The two of us have a love for drama, when we aren't included. We find out selves texting for hours , omg did you hear about so and so or seriously they just bug me, and of course the did you see her fb picture. The list goes on. We have a love for snowboarding and would jump right up and go now if we could. We've come to the conclusion we are going to find an apartment in Big Bear, work on the slopes, either take shifts with the kids, or find an old lady who is just dieing to watch my babies. If that's not wishful thinking, I'm not sure what is.

Such a fun trip.
Yes our boards all match! :)
Okay back to reality of my dirty house and empty fridge my wishing is done.

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  1. This old lady will move to Big Bear too and watch the babies but I want a turn on the slopes.
    Love, Mom