Thursday, August 12, 2010

Want to borrow my uteurs?

I really should of just named my blog Marines and Babies because it is probably all I will talk about. But with that said...

Infertility has been a common topic on many peoples facebook and blogs. I never realized how many people were effected by it.

6,000,000 women deal with infertility

2,000,000 married couples are infertile

That's just in the US alone. I never even knew. Obviously getting pregnant at a young age I never had any issue, in fact both our kids were wonderful surprises. So I am very oblivious to the world of infertility. But I have always wanted to be a surrogate. I think it would be an amazing experience and to be that person who gave a couple something as special as my two little girls would be AWESOME. I love being pregnant, I think I'm one in ten women that say that. I know people who are having trouble having a baby but how do you even start that conversation.
"Umm excuse me, would you like to borrow my uterus?"
"His conception was a miracle. We used a frozen sperm sample"
I know it is financially a great idea to do through a agency but I would love to do it at no cost for these family friends. Every one deserves a child, and seeing as I can pop them out with ease, why not help? {So if you are having trouble having a kid, and you think you're that couple I'm talking about send me a message, because I have no idea how to start that conversation.(:}
Ive talked to my husband, a few close friends, and my mom they all agree it would be a great experience, tuff but great. So I'm really looking into it. My question is, do I first finish having all our kids ? I'm not sure how soon we will actually want more.

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