Monday, August 2, 2010

Two Day Tease

I kind of forgot I made this thing until now. Ryan FINALLY got back on Friday after being gone for almost a month. We had a good 2 days together despite my horrible head ache yesterday. Now he is off to the field for the week. Short and sweet visit home.

While he was gone I dyed my hair brown. So glad I can finally share my excitment of being a brunette with the world now! I dyed my hair blonde February of 2005 and never went back. So my husband had never seen my hair brown until Friday when I picked him up. It was pretty funny when he opened the car door and saw me.

I made one of his favortie meals Saturday night, chicken enchiladas, complete with choclate chip cookies. Which I noticed this morning the cookie monster took quite a few to work with him. We didn't do much of anything this weekend. Kylie enjoyed having her Daddy home and spent her time jumping all over him. They made a fort and watched Shrek 2 ,with popcorn of course. I spent my Sunday in bed with my worst night mare a migraine. I get them so often it kills me. Luckily they have finally slowed down and that was the first in a few weeks.

Now time to clean the house after relaxing all weekend.

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  1. Lady you are cute and I already like this.

    Love ya,