Saturday, August 7, 2010

Should I stay or Should I go?

I change my mind on where I want to live and where I want to be probably every other day. I was good and content with moving on base and staying in CA for over 2 weeks. Yes me consistent on a decision. Then my plans were flipped upside down because of some shocking and crazy news of a friend. I spent my Thursday pacing around my house. Trying to comprehend what I was just told. Seeing as it was not my news I have no idea how I was freaking out about it like I was. Now I am faced with the question, do I stay in CA to be with my husband or go home to my friend? Ohh the decisions.

That's 2430.23 miles and 36 hours and 17 minutes

Mean while everyone keeps having babies. {Congrats to all the new parents I know. One being the proud mother of FOUR boys!} Obviously it would set me into baby mode. We would love a boy, of course after Delainey is a little older. :P But you can't guarantee a boy. Obviously we have tried twice and failed miserably. Love my girls but a momma's little boy would be awesome, seeing as  I currently have two Daddy's Little girls.

How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby: Fully revised and updated
I came across this book, can it really work?

There's a chapter in the book that ask the question is it moral? In my opinion why wouldn't it be? You're simply following a certain way of conceiving a baby. It explains when in your cycle you should try for a boy or for a girl. And a few other things that I'm lost and confused about. I figure it is worth a shot to be holding a baby dressed in blue.

My husband finally came back home yesterday. We spent the day at the beach for his units Family Day. It was alot of fun. Had good conversation with The Carroll's as well as Toby and her husband, whom for whatever reason I cant remember his name. (It was even tattooed across his back.) I finally emerged from our bed, thank you for letting me sleep Ryan. Got straight to some house work. It is amazing what you can get done when you have an extra set of hands chasing the children around. He is going to talk to a career planner next week to see what the future will hold for his military career, as well as our life. I'm looking forward to finally get a little bit of insight to what is ahead. Whether it be deployment, moves or simply staying put.

So glad to be spending the rest of the weekend with the most amazing husband  anyone could ever ask for.


  1. I told Joel about your blog. He says he's going to follow it - so now you have 2 more followers. I won't see it all the time but when i see it, I will read it!

  2. Good I kinda just talk to my self because I dont have many followers. lol