Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New House. New Rules

When you move into a house you start doing things in your daily life you don't realize are becoming habits. Such as me allowing my now 3 year old to eat in the living room. It never dawned on me, this may be bad later. We even had her little table and chairs in the living room. She refused to eat dinner at the table with us and became overly addicted to the TV. Fourth of July I moved the table to "have some more room" in the living room. I purposely never put it back. She now joins us for dinner. I also didn't realize dinners were much quieter when she was not pitching fits at the dinner table. I can not wait to move for the sole reason of setting new ground rules for the house. NOOO eating in the living room, no drinks unless you ask. So far today I have cleaned up 6 puddles of what I believe to be water. One of them which was spilt all over the table that is full of cords and electronics.

As one of our friends said, "Your couch has more stains than my underwear, and they're pretty bad."

Our house is an older house, but cute. When we moved in it was filthy, I don't think anyone had lived in it in a while. To this day I can not get the floors clean. It is wood floors through out the entire house. Some of you may say oh that's great I would love that. No change your mind right now. I have to sweep, vacuum and mop my floors. I should really do it daily, use to do it every other day, were down to once a week. I would love to be able to get the vacuum out, vacuum and be DONE!

We have a 3 bedroom one story house. It is a good house for I'd say a couple with one child. Our master bedroom is apparently supposed to be ocean themed. The walls are the god awful colors of blue and peach. The knobs on all the drawers and cabinets are shells and star fish. At first this all bugged me to no end. Now I am so use to it I forget how much I cant stand this house. Kylie's room is so oddly shaped I'm not sure how we managed to make it work. Her room is the only room we fully decorated. Thanks to my mom and her amazing skills.
Delainey's room is half done, her crib is adorable, again thanks to my amazing mom, other than that.

We have one picture on the wall. There came to a point I wanted to decorate finally but it was too late, it wouldn't be worth my time when we will leave this house soon. Our TV was mounted 3 weeks ago, after living here for over a year. I am normally very OCD but after Delainey sleep is far more important to me. Our garage we use more for storing things. One being our driveway as well as our garage are made for smart cars and neither one of our cars could fit in it. I attempted to clean it last week.

Despite all the flaws we will always remember this house because it was our first house together as a family. :D

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