Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moving Madness

Monday morning we got up bright and early to start our search for a house on base. We looked at quite a few and found one we really liked. We got to the housing office and then were told because we didn't have Delainey's birth certificate we couldn't get a 3 bedroom. So again bright and early Ryan went to get her birth certificate. {yea my 9 month old still didn't have one.} Around 10am he texted me and said we got the house and to start packing. I did just that. I started with the kitchen and to my surprise got all the main stuff packed in less than an hour. Those of you who gave me a hard time for keeping all my original boxes, :P it was a sinch to pack things back up. Tuesday nigh Ryan and a fried packed the first uhaul load. We had alot more stuff to pack than either one of us had realized. It took 2 uhauls, 1 charger and 3 Pacifica's full to finally turn in our old keys. We moved from 1400sqft to 2200 sqft. The space we have now is unreal. We are no longer on top of each other at all times. So far we have unpacked almost everything, still not aure where to put some things and with so much space we don't know how to fill it. It's great! Why we didn't move on base to begin with I have no idea. We can see the ocean right outside the house! And we will be able to have our puppy back. Bare with me as I still do not have Internet.

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