Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moving Madness

Monday morning we got up bright and early to start our search for a house on base. We looked at quite a few and found one we really liked. We got to the housing office and then were told because we didn't have Delainey's birth certificate we couldn't get a 3 bedroom. So again bright and early Ryan went to get her birth certificate. {yea my 9 month old still didn't have one.} Around 10am he texted me and said we got the house and to start packing. I did just that. I started with the kitchen and to my surprise got all the main stuff packed in less than an hour. Those of you who gave me a hard time for keeping all my original boxes, :P it was a sinch to pack things back up. Tuesday nigh Ryan and a fried packed the first uhaul load. We had alot more stuff to pack than either one of us had realized. It took 2 uhauls, 1 charger and 3 Pacifica's full to finally turn in our old keys. We moved from 1400sqft to 2200 sqft. The space we have now is unreal. We are no longer on top of each other at all times. So far we have unpacked almost everything, still not aure where to put some things and with so much space we don't know how to fill it. It's great! Why we didn't move on base to begin with I have no idea. We can see the ocean right outside the house! And we will be able to have our puppy back. Bare with me as I still do not have Internet.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Want to borrow my uteurs?

I really should of just named my blog Marines and Babies because it is probably all I will talk about. But with that said...

Infertility has been a common topic on many peoples facebook and blogs. I never realized how many people were effected by it.

6,000,000 women deal with infertility

2,000,000 married couples are infertile

That's just in the US alone. I never even knew. Obviously getting pregnant at a young age I never had any issue, in fact both our kids were wonderful surprises. So I am very oblivious to the world of infertility. But I have always wanted to be a surrogate. I think it would be an amazing experience and to be that person who gave a couple something as special as my two little girls would be AWESOME. I love being pregnant, I think I'm one in ten women that say that. I know people who are having trouble having a baby but how do you even start that conversation.
"Umm excuse me, would you like to borrow my uterus?"
"His conception was a miracle. We used a frozen sperm sample"
I know it is financially a great idea to do through a agency but I would love to do it at no cost for these family friends. Every one deserves a child, and seeing as I can pop them out with ease, why not help? {So if you are having trouble having a kid, and you think you're that couple I'm talking about send me a message, because I have no idea how to start that conversation.(:}
Ive talked to my husband, a few close friends, and my mom they all agree it would be a great experience, tuff but great. So I'm really looking into it. My question is, do I first finish having all our kids ? I'm not sure how soon we will actually want more.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

This Wednesday I wish for sanity. I wish the Marine Corps would just for once go as planned. I am a planner. I would plan out my entire day hour by hour if I could. Mind you living here I have no friends or family so there is no reason to plan out how many cookies I eat or how many times I get off my behind to pee. But not the point, knowing me I would write all that out. My husband has been trying to reenlist for over a week now. Monday I think his company was the only company working, so the career planner wasn't there, Tuesday his Sgt refused to let him go talk to him, today the Career planner is too busy, so tomorrow it is. If he doesn't get to talk to him and figure out what is going on I will go bonkers. I try not to complain about the uncertainty of the Marine Corps because I knew what was going on when I married the Marine Corps, nope sure didn't marry my husband.

He has a few options to choose from when it comes to reenlisting. Some will end with me being able to go back home. Which I would LOVE. Others we will be here for longer, which would not be as bad as I use to think. I just really wish I could settle my mind and not be going crazy trying to analyze what we would do with each option he has.
My mind is ahhh racing!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New House. New Rules

When you move into a house you start doing things in your daily life you don't realize are becoming habits. Such as me allowing my now 3 year old to eat in the living room. It never dawned on me, this may be bad later. We even had her little table and chairs in the living room. She refused to eat dinner at the table with us and became overly addicted to the TV. Fourth of July I moved the table to "have some more room" in the living room. I purposely never put it back. She now joins us for dinner. I also didn't realize dinners were much quieter when she was not pitching fits at the dinner table. I can not wait to move for the sole reason of setting new ground rules for the house. NOOO eating in the living room, no drinks unless you ask. So far today I have cleaned up 6 puddles of what I believe to be water. One of them which was spilt all over the table that is full of cords and electronics.

As one of our friends said, "Your couch has more stains than my underwear, and they're pretty bad."

Our house is an older house, but cute. When we moved in it was filthy, I don't think anyone had lived in it in a while. To this day I can not get the floors clean. It is wood floors through out the entire house. Some of you may say oh that's great I would love that. No change your mind right now. I have to sweep, vacuum and mop my floors. I should really do it daily, use to do it every other day, were down to once a week. I would love to be able to get the vacuum out, vacuum and be DONE!

We have a 3 bedroom one story house. It is a good house for I'd say a couple with one child. Our master bedroom is apparently supposed to be ocean themed. The walls are the god awful colors of blue and peach. The knobs on all the drawers and cabinets are shells and star fish. At first this all bugged me to no end. Now I am so use to it I forget how much I cant stand this house. Kylie's room is so oddly shaped I'm not sure how we managed to make it work. Her room is the only room we fully decorated. Thanks to my mom and her amazing skills.
Delainey's room is half done, her crib is adorable, again thanks to my amazing mom, other than that.

We have one picture on the wall. There came to a point I wanted to decorate finally but it was too late, it wouldn't be worth my time when we will leave this house soon. Our TV was mounted 3 weeks ago, after living here for over a year. I am normally very OCD but after Delainey sleep is far more important to me. Our garage we use more for storing things. One being our driveway as well as our garage are made for smart cars and neither one of our cars could fit in it. I attempted to clean it last week.

Despite all the flaws we will always remember this house because it was our first house together as a family. :D

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Should I stay or Should I go?

I change my mind on where I want to live and where I want to be probably every other day. I was good and content with moving on base and staying in CA for over 2 weeks. Yes me consistent on a decision. Then my plans were flipped upside down because of some shocking and crazy news of a friend. I spent my Thursday pacing around my house. Trying to comprehend what I was just told. Seeing as it was not my news I have no idea how I was freaking out about it like I was. Now I am faced with the question, do I stay in CA to be with my husband or go home to my friend? Ohh the decisions.

That's 2430.23 miles and 36 hours and 17 minutes

Mean while everyone keeps having babies. {Congrats to all the new parents I know. One being the proud mother of FOUR boys!} Obviously it would set me into baby mode. We would love a boy, of course after Delainey is a little older. :P But you can't guarantee a boy. Obviously we have tried twice and failed miserably. Love my girls but a momma's little boy would be awesome, seeing as  I currently have two Daddy's Little girls.

How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby: Fully revised and updated
I came across this book, can it really work?

There's a chapter in the book that ask the question is it moral? In my opinion why wouldn't it be? You're simply following a certain way of conceiving a baby. It explains when in your cycle you should try for a boy or for a girl. And a few other things that I'm lost and confused about. I figure it is worth a shot to be holding a baby dressed in blue.

My husband finally came back home yesterday. We spent the day at the beach for his units Family Day. It was alot of fun. Had good conversation with The Carroll's as well as Toby and her husband, whom for whatever reason I cant remember his name. (It was even tattooed across his back.) I finally emerged from our bed, thank you for letting me sleep Ryan. Got straight to some house work. It is amazing what you can get done when you have an extra set of hands chasing the children around. He is going to talk to a career planner next week to see what the future will hold for his military career, as well as our life. I'm looking forward to finally get a little bit of insight to what is ahead. Whether it be deployment, moves or simply staying put.

So glad to be spending the rest of the weekend with the most amazing husband  anyone could ever ask for.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Living in So Cal the weather is always nice. Its to the point where you want a rainy day to just cuddle up in bed. We have a good sized back yard. and I so bad would love some amazing furniture to put out there.
Noronha Outdoor Patio Set - Zuo Modern
Something like this would be  nice.
I'll take the background if its available too.
New 2010 13' Tan Patio Umbrella Wooden Market Umbrella Patio Furniture
This table would be perfect for summer dinner.

We have 2 lounge chairs, that my wonderful husband gave me. But you can't eat dinner on a lounge chair. We bought a picnic table when we first moved here. A quick cheap table for our first BBQ right when we moved here. Little did I know it was going to be our permanent outdoor dining table. As a Marine wife I always have back in my head well if we buy that now it will be more to move, and will the next place have a back yard. So I will be content with the way things have been until the next place. Then we will probably be somewhere that has seasons, and it will rain and my summer dinners will not be as cute as my little domestic mind is thinking. Because right now I imagine our Margarita glasses with matching pitcher from Cabo, candles lite, the smell of the grill, and my wonderful Marine friends surrounding the table.
I have a rule when using these glasses, you break one, you are taking me back to Cabo.
I love them, but darn it someone break one and take me back!
If you know me you know that I constantly say how bad I want to move back home and how bad I want my friends back. Well in the last week I have been so content with the way things are. Granite I would just love my husband to be home longer than 48 hours. We may be moving on base which will make things far easier on all of us. I will be closer to my favorite Marine Wife Mo, (Melissa Carroll) Ryan will not have as long of a drive, I can meet way more people living on base, and hopefully we can get a bigger house. I'm not sure why it took me well over a year to accept living here, but thank God it did. It was beginning to get a little stressful hating life all the time.

Mo came over yesterday and it was so great to talk to someone over the age of 3. She's one of those people that you can talk about anything with. Mo is a great person and I'm so grateful to of finally met her after our husbands being together for almost 4 years. I'm not just saying this because she could possibly read this. The two of us have a love for drama, when we aren't included. We find out selves texting for hours , omg did you hear about so and so or seriously they just bug me, and of course the did you see her fb picture. The list goes on. We have a love for snowboarding and would jump right up and go now if we could. We've come to the conclusion we are going to find an apartment in Big Bear, work on the slopes, either take shifts with the kids, or find an old lady who is just dieing to watch my babies. If that's not wishful thinking, I'm not sure what is.

Such a fun trip.
Yes our boards all match! :)
Okay back to reality of my dirty house and empty fridge my wishing is done.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fat Kid at Heart

Much to contrary believe of the way I've looked for most of my life, I live off of sweets. I love everything that is made with sugar, even sugar. I like chocolate chips in my pancakes, sugar on my grapefruit, a few cookies with my sandwich, cheesecake with my dinner, and an after dinner snack of ice cream. I drink soda, sweet tea and red bull. I've never had any problems with eating what I want when I want. Until now, after 2 kids it has finally caught up with me. I can't get to my pre-Delainey weight to save my life. She is almost 9 months old and here I am still have 10 lbs left of that cute little thing left on my body. My hips are huge, my stomach jiggles and my pants don't fit. How do you go from never worrying about what you're eating to trying to watch what you eat? Suggestions are welcome. I am a fat kid. I ate a salad yesterday for lunch. 10 minutes later I ate 3 cookies. I'm beginning to realize there is no hope for me. I will be this weight forever. I often blame it on my lack of sleep.

For Example: Last night I was up until one catching up with my DVR. Delainey was up at 1:30, then again at 4:30. Kylie was up at 7:15 and Delainey at 7:35. That gives me a grand total of about 6 hours. Which sounds like alot. But when you are alone and waking up every 30 minutes due to the TV that is drowning out scary sounds, its not really 6 hours.
I often get the response from people " You're Tiny" blah blah blah. Okay to you I am a midget, but to my self a year ago, I am HUGE! I have never weighed over 96lbs not pregnant. I joined a gym for a grand total of drum rollll please, thirty six hours! As a mom you would love to work out. So I found a place that had child care,loved the gym aspect, hated the child care. There were 2 women working for well over 20 kids. Within the first hour I had EVER stepped foot in a gym my oldest had been hit in the face by an older boy. Whose to say what else happened seeing as they never informed me of the incident. Needless to say I was done with the gym. I bought a jogging stroller, I absolutely love to jog. Or so I thought. Living in So Cal there are hills among hills among hills. Did I really think I would be pushing 50 lbs up and down hills? I think not!
So here we are back to the drawing board of how on earth this fat kid is going to get back to her normal weight.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Two Day Tease

I kind of forgot I made this thing until now. Ryan FINALLY got back on Friday after being gone for almost a month. We had a good 2 days together despite my horrible head ache yesterday. Now he is off to the field for the week. Short and sweet visit home.

While he was gone I dyed my hair brown. So glad I can finally share my excitment of being a brunette with the world now! I dyed my hair blonde February of 2005 and never went back. So my husband had never seen my hair brown until Friday when I picked him up. It was pretty funny when he opened the car door and saw me.

I made one of his favortie meals Saturday night, chicken enchiladas, complete with choclate chip cookies. Which I noticed this morning the cookie monster took quite a few to work with him. We didn't do much of anything this weekend. Kylie enjoyed having her Daddy home and spent her time jumping all over him. They made a fort and watched Shrek 2 ,with popcorn of course. I spent my Sunday in bed with my worst night mare a migraine. I get them so often it kills me. Luckily they have finally slowed down and that was the first in a few weeks.

Now time to clean the house after relaxing all weekend.