Friday, December 24, 2010

We Spilled the Beans

The beans being I am pregnant, yes again. I did the math and in the past 4 years I have been pregnant 22 out of 40 months. Some may say that's a lot, okay that's a long time to be pregnant, but we are enjoying every minute of our kids. I wanted all my kids close together and retro spec I wanted to be done having babies in the next few years. We are finally having a baby boy and are beyond excited. His name will be Bentley Alan Burke, due June 10th, 2011. {No it did not come from Teen Mom, we have had this name for years but obviously keep having girls}

My first two pregnancies with the girls were nothing but easy. I carried on with my day as normal until the last few weeks when my tiny little body could not house any more baby. This baby on the other hand has given me a hard time. The first week I found out I was like oh man its going to be a girl I'm not sick, everything is the same as usual then BAMMM morning sickness like you wouldn't believe. My so called "stomach virus" a few weeks ago was in fact NOT a stomach virus. I have had a hard time eating anything at all because I simply hate throwing up. I lost 8 lbs in the first few weeks and have only gained back 3. I'm waiting to get yelled at during my next doctors appointment.

Things I have learned having morning sickness:
* I can not ride in cars, I have to drive every where we go. The second we pull out of a drive way and I'm in the passenger seat I get nauseous.
*Having clean toilets 24/7 is important when you spend so much time with your face in them.
*Peanut butter may sound like a good thing to eat while nauseous but it is impossible to throw up!
*Preggo Pops {they are supposed to help with morning sickness} are the biggest waste of money, they make me sick rather than help.

I'm sure all of you who know us are now piecing together things, I'm moving home, I sold my car to get a bigger one, and I've been sick for months. Kylie insisted this baby was a boy from day one. She told me over and over "Mom we already have a baby girl we need a baby boy!" The day we went to our ultrasound I said Kylie we don't know if it's a boy or not so don't get sad if we have another girl. I'm really the one who needed that pep talk. I convinced my self from day one, it is a girl! I did not want to get upset over having another girl. I spent one night up tossing and turning because I was so worried about what this baby would be. Finally I was okay and content with having another girl. We arrived to the place and the second she went to find the gender I knew, you could see those little boy parts like he was trying to show them. The umbilical cord was no where close to his hiney and it was in plain view. I thought I would be more than excited but Ryan was the one jumping up and down and extremely excited. He has always pretended to be so calm about these things and never really showed emotions. But the thought of him having a little boy to teach how to shoot, and fight I could see light up his eyes.

Yesterday, I wanted to tell my parents. I was having such a hard time bottling up all the excitement. My mom has a charm bracelet with a silver shoe for all her kids with our name on the bottom, and a pink one with Kylie's name. I needed to get her one for Delainey so I waited until we knew it was a boy and got her a Bentley one as well. I spent $30 for shipping because this is the way I wanted to tell my family. I thought it would be so fun and cute to do it this way. So after much screaming and convincing her to open her present 2 days early she finally did. We had her on web cam, kinda, so I could see her opening it. Delainey's was on top and she opened and said oh cool, then had the most confused look on her face while opening the second. She then got on the phone to ask if I was being serious. Well no Mother I am lying to you. Of course I'm being serious. So then she went threw all the questions, when are you due, were you pregnant when I was there {I found out the day before she got here :P }how did you find out it was a boy so soon, you know the usual questions. My older sister was upset because she wants kids but my mom wont let her have them yet. My younger sister Bailey was ecstatic, she was in the car with 2 other 14 year old girls, so they were screaming, you know that high pitch squeal we all did as kids. Ryan's parents were exited as well to know we will finally get a Burke boy! Ryan's brother Brendan seemed extremely excited as well. My dad surprisingly was also very excited to know we would have a boy in the family again. {My brother passed away 9 years ago and was the only boy in our family, his name was Alan, which is where we got the baby's middle name} So all night I could not wait to post a facebook status to tell the world our exciting news!

The reason we waited to tell people:

One I like surprise! Love giving surprises, seeing the look on peoples face is my favorite part. But the main reason is Ryan will be deployed for the birth. I needed the time to take it in that I would be in labor without my husband there. Then it got to be so far in I thought it would be fun to just wait until we knew what it was. Ryan and I joked no one would care if it were another girl, what's a third girl right? So if we are talking just do not bring up the fact he will not be here. It's not something I really like to talk or think about. If I bring it up go right ahead and talk about it, other wise please don't. I always knew it was a risk with him deploying but it was always my biggest fear. Ryan will be back from deployment in Septemberish! I have great family and friends who I know will be there and be all the help I need!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas+Gifts= STRESS!

We have a lot of family members to buy presents for. It is easy when you know or have an idea of what you want to buy them but other wise it is beyond stressful. If you count every body we have 10 people to get presents for. This may not sound like a lot but when you're considering presents to be around $25-$40 it adds up. Then you always have the ones where you're like oh its only $50 I have to get it.

Ryan's younger brother is stationed in Japan so I talked to him and we both just want to come home so were saving each of our money and not getting presents for each other. Which makes sense, how much does it cost to even ship something to Japan? My Dad {ok Ted} and father in law were easy non expensive and I am DONE with them. My older sister insisted she wanted long sleeve shirts from Gap. I walked into Gap at least 6 times as well as looked online before I just said I cant do it. I can't buy clothes for other people, especially her we have very different taste. So I found something I thought was cute that she would like and she is DONE. My younger, looks older than me sister, wanted Toms, the Toms website hates my computer and I tried over and over so I opted out of them and got her something else she would like, so she is DONE. My little sister whom is a little on the spoiled side got an ipod touch from Santa I believe, so she will be getting a gift card for iTunes. I am making a special present for my MIL and will probably make my mom one as well because that's just how I work. My Mom's actual present is on back order and I'm hoping it will make it by Christmas but she is DONE. The girls aren't getting much this year. I feel bad but between all the grandparents, Aunts and Uncles they get so much stuff. Money is tight this year and we need to save in order to move home. They are too young to know it's not a lot any ways. Ryan and I both really don't want anything this year so I think we have decided to not do gifts. I'm not sure if he has something up his sleeve but I normally know about his 'surprises' before hand anyways. Needless to say after shipping a few things my shopping is DONE! I put this in caps because I stress every year making sure I get things people will like that we can afford. I love giving presents. I love the surprise and the excitement. Unfortunately most my gifts this year aren't surprises but still fun.

My Christmas cards should be here no later than Monday! The girls night clothes from Santa should be on their way soon. I'm terrified to wrap presents until the day before. Kylie would know better than to open them but get curious and do it anyways. And Delainey just gets into everything. We have so far broken one ornament. Knock on wood. Not to mention most of our ornaments are on one side and taller than a foot and a half. I am focusing on cleaning and finding all my hidden presents to get things ready for Ryan to come home next week. He loves to set up on Christmas Eve. He always tries to make it perfect for the kids to see. Next week we get to make "Santa's Cookies" as Kylie would say. As if we weren't really the ones eating them all!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Hope you are enjoying getting ready for Christmas!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Gone!

So as my last blog stated I was selling my car. I finally got a hold of the husband and he said in a nut shell if it's what I want to do then go for it. I went for it. The car is gone!

In California you have to have a smog check to get it registered and you can't get a smog check unless it has a registration from the last 90 days. In order to get base stickers you also have to get a smog check. STUPIDEST thing in the world. I got my base stickers 95 days ago, therefore my smog check was 5 days out of date for them to use. Most places its $50-$60. This morning I had a friend go with me to pick up Ryan's car then I headed straight to a smog check . The only place you can get this done on base always has a good 1-2 hour wait so where as its much cheaper there, my kids can't sit still that long. The place I went to had a big room where you can sit and wait so my thought was oh this wont be too bad. He told me it would take about 35 minutes. Okay fine, no big deal. About 15 minutes into us waiting Kylie said she had to go potty. I told her to hold it which she does really good at. {There was no bathroom there.} A few minutes goes by and she proceeds to scream she has to poop. I walk a few blocks down to a random mexican food drive thru and it cost 25 cents to use the bathroom. To my luck after fighting Delainey to leave my wallet alone I sat it behind me at the car place, left it there, I had no quarters. We go back to the car place and Kylie said she could hold it. 5 more minutes go by, and now there are other people in the car place, she is screaming "I have to poop." Over and over again. We walk a good 10 blocks down to a taco bell, she peed. The second we got back to the car place she claimed she had to poop again! Thank God my car was done a few minutes later and I could leave. So he rings me up, EIGHTY FREAKING DOLLARS! It cost me $80 to sell my car!

But the car is gone and I will survive the few weeks Ryan is home without a car. We will probably save money since I wont be able to go to Chick-Fil-A anymore. {Sorry Lenora :( } But life goes on, there are many people with 1 car and they survive. We now have the money to move home! It was making me nervous how close it was and how low our bank account is. Last night I put my name in a few moving companies to get quotes. Oh my lanta the amount of calls I've gotten today from them. It gets rather annoying. I'm hoping we will get a good rate seeing as Ryan wont be around to help load and we will have to pay someone to load as well as drive the truck. I thought the day would never come but in 2 short months, that I'm certain will blow by, my husband will be gone and I will be back in NC with my friends and family. A bitter sweet feeling that's for sure!

P.S. My boyfrannn Garst got back from Afghanistan a few days ago. He called me last night at midnight. {He's in Hawaii and forgot the time difference} I answered only because it was him and I was glad to see his name on my phone again. After I answered he knew I was asleep I'm sure because I sounded half asleep. I have no idea what I said to him to be honest. Garst and his new girlfriend will be here in January and I can not wait. It has been since hmm May '09 since we have seen him.  I'm glad he made it home safely after all he went through over there. If you'd like to read about his accident you can here. It is an incredible story and makes my heart pound every time I read it.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If I Sell It Will He Sell Me?

I have been talking about getting a new car since I moved to California. I cant stand my car and when I bought it I was utterly in love with it. Really I just couldn't wait to get in a nicer car. My 1998 Mountaineer just was NOT cutting it anymore. I started looking at Pacifica's and thought it was the best car. Now after owning it for 3 years I have figured out quite a few things that aren't so pleasant about this vehicle.

1. It has many blind spots and you {ok I} will back into anything and everything.
2. The tire sensor is a little touchy and will always tell you your tires are flat or too high.
3. When you put the third row up, there is room for hmm a small tote and an umbrella stroller.

I have 2 kids and a double stroller, and even my single stroller is quite large. Where as having the 3rd row up isn't always necessary, the trunk is worthless with it up. I'm moving home in a few months and do not want to have to pay to ship it. I know I will be getting a new car soon so why waste the money to get it to NC?

So I came up with this brilliant plan to sell my car and use the money to move home. Then after a while of being in NC and saving some money we can have a good down payment on a new car. I have had my heart set on a Tahoe for years. The sight of them make me blush. They are the most beautiful thing I ever did see. But recently I found out with the 3rd row up it has almost the same room as the Pacifica. So now I'm questioning my love for a Tahoe. Now I'm starting to think okay maybe a Suburban? Then my husband reminds me I am a small person and that is a big car. But unlike the Pacifica it has a flat back window. I'm convinced the back window on my car is what causes me to back into things. I don't like curved windows! I plan to shop around and really get the car I will want for years. Ryan will be gone so I am in no rush. I will have his car to drive until I absolutely need one.

Its amazing. And I want it.
I posted my car on Pendleton Yard Sales yesterday at like 12 and by 3 someone was at the house looking at it. They are very interested in the car and he just came to test drive it. Ive gotten 4 other emails since then but am waiting to see if they want it before hand. I have yet to talk to Ryan who really was not too thrilled of the idea of another car payment. But everyone I have talked to has said, "You should do it." So if he gets mad I can just tell him to call all of them and blame it on them. Good plan, right?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No More Babies No More Bottles!

As you all know Delainey turned one last month, so this means time to take away that precious bottle. When Kylie was this age I had an easy time taking her bottle. I have this theory that if you do it all at one time it is an easier process. Stop giving formula and take away the bottle. In my eyes putting more than formula in a bottle is wrong. When I see juice in a bottle I want to scream, milk is okay. { I wouldn't do it but go for it} A bottle was made for a baby, if your kid can say bottle chances are they are far too old to have that bottle. I feel when parents don't take their bottle away when they start giving them milk its a crutch for the parent not the child. Most parents don't want to deal with the crying or whining. Sooner or later that little one wont have a bottle the sooner you take it the better. Unless you're going to let them take a bottle to preschool? But off my soap box.

Delainey's 1st Cup of Milk

The first day without bottles started in the morning. I was terrified for nap time but we made it. She cried for less than 15 minutes and was out for a short nap. Bed time she cried for about the same time and I did not hear her again until 6:45. {Mind you I was enjoying the bed to my self and she probably got up and cried her self back to sleep a few times} The second day she was a little upset. It hit her, like oh shit this lady took away my bottle and I don't think shes giving it back. We still did good though. Nap time she only cried 5 minutes and was out for almost 3 hours. Bed time broke my heart because I was upstairs where I could hear her. I normally go downstairs so I can hear the faintest noise of her crying. I feel like such a bad mom to let her cry but I know it is what is needed for me to be sain. This morning she was up at 6:15. I laid there half asleep thinking, she'll go back to sleep. After saying that 10 times I realized this baby was not going back to sleep. So I got her and tried to get her to lay down with me but that didn't happen. I have a hard time feeding her solids because she spits anything and everything out.

Delainey's Menu

Mom's Poptart
Grilled Cheese
Hot Dogs
Peanut Butter Sandwich
Chicken Nuggets
Mac & Cheese

Those are most of the things I can always get her to eat. Things she does not like include any and all vegetables and spaghetti. She is getting 2 top molars so I am hoping after that she can broaden her foods to eat.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Real Internet?!

We have lived in this house for 4 months now and have always had on and off Internet. It wasn't bad at first just a little frustrating then it came to a screeching halt this month where we had NO Internet at ALL! It was by far the most stressful thing. I haven't been able to do my online Christmas shopping, make our Christmas cards or pay the Internet bill! I procrastinated and did not call about it until last week. After getting sent to east coast tech support 5 times I was beyond frustrated. I'm almost positive they have a "pissed off customer" tech support because the lady I finally ended up having was obviously a black lady ready to kick my hiney for being rude. She couldn't help me and later gave me a new number to call if I didn't receive a call that day. I of course forgot and just called this morning. I got the nicest lady and she said well Ma'am they are already headed your way this morning. Well shit fire that would of been nice to know so I wasn't wearing white pants with black boy shorts? {Don't ask, just what I grabbed this morning} She said he would call then come by, 10 minutes go by and my door bell rings. What the heck?! I run to get a hoodie to cover as much of my "lazy stay at home mom" look as I could then answered the door as if he didn't see me run past it to get the hoodie!

Turns out they had the Internet ONLY going to one jack in the house. Just so happens to be the only one I did not try. Who on earth keeps their modem in the bedroom? So after about 25 minutes of him switching wires we are back in business. Of course the first thing I do is jump on blogger because I have missed blogging more than life its self.

Ryan was home for Thanksgiving and I mastered my first Thanksgiving feast alone. We had turkey, sweet potatoes, pea and asparagus casserole, green beans, dressing {made by MIL}, cheesy mashed potatoes {made by Mo}, rolls, apple and pumpkin pie. It was all so good and I was so happy to have my husband home to enjoy it with us. The week having my mother in law here was for a lack of better words, interesting. We put up the tree after Thanksgiving and man did I get in the Christmas mood. I was so ready to get presents and enjoy another holiday as a family.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Delainey!

I wrote this yesterday and my computer refused to let me publish it. :( So here it is today!

I can not believe Delainey is a year old today! It blows my mind how fast kids grow up. The second grows even faster than the first. We will not celebrate her birthday until Ryan is home on Friday but I had to wish her a Happy Birthday today!

37 weeks 4 days

This was one of my last pictures pregnant with Delainey bug. I hated being so big but like most people start to miss the belly after its gone. Her labor was nothing but ordinary. I went in at 3 to get my membranes stripped. I started getting random contractions immediately after. I just went and laid down tried to ignore them. Ryan got home and he said lets go to the hospital! I said just go eat dinner blah blah blah. Why on earth did I care that he would get a home cooked meal?! So after an hour of him home I said okay lets go. I go to the bathroom before we leave and sure enough my water broke. I think it runs in our family that once our water breaks that baby has a max. of 30 minutes to get there. So we get in the car get on the high way, by this point I'm screaming in pain not being able to sit since that little peanuts head was already as low as it could go. They put me in a wheel chair and just leave me there for a second, I pretty much just wanted to walk instead. I get in the room and can barely get a gown on before I am in the bed ready to deliver. The nurse checked me and said yep you're 10 cms. Well anyone with a brain could tell you that she was crowning by the time I got to the hospital. They kept telling me not to push and that is what hurt. The second the doctor walked in he said has she pushed yet? In my mind I'm going what the hell I could of been pushing already?! So 15 minutes in the hospital and 10 minutes with the doctor Delainey is in my arms. Yes folks that means I was forced to NOT get an epidural. My first comment after it was over was "Man that feels so much better". I scared every woman in labor that day with my screams of holding that baby in. After delivering her they were taking blood and hooking up IV's. The guy said, well we normally do this before hand but since there was no before hand with you I guess we will do it now.
Delainey Marie Burke
7lb & 18inches

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am so excited to find out this week that my best friend will be having a boy. I knew from day one that baby was going to be a boy. I said just to spite me she will have a boy.Where as I want a boy more than anything at least I will have one to spoil rotten. I think that was the highlight of my last 2 weeks.

Aint she just darlin?

Things have been stressful, annoying and over whelming around here. Kylie is having such a hard time without Daddy and man is it killing me. The child is bipolar. One minute she is screaming and the next she is hugging and kissing me. I don't understand at all. Three more days and hopefully all this will pass. {Just for it to all start back up when he leaves for the 3rd time} 

I have my Thanksgiving shopping list ready to go just waiting so I can go at it alone, when I say alone I mean with Mo but NO kids. I want to make a cute centerpiece and be all domestic this year. I looked at making a wreath as well but it needed far too many supplies for me to handle. Maybe after a full day of sleep Saturday I will be up for the challenge. I have all this stuff I want to get done but the way Kylie has been leaving the house is a challenge and leaving a store is an even bigger challenge. She has always been a pretty good kid, never had this much trouble with her but change kills her.

I finally heard from Ryan after a week of not talking to him. He was apparently stranded on an island for a few days for whatever reason. Worst part is he was on a beach right by our house. I so could of just left Kylie stranded on that island with him!

Shutterfly Loveee

I have used Shutterfly for years. My dad use to use to send me pictures of my sister since he lived a few states away. Now I do the same with my kids. Its great to be able to send prints to my grandparents so all they have to do is check the mail. No need to run in some where to pick them up. We've used Shutterfly for our Christmas cards, which you can find here.  They are priced so great and its so fun to make custom cards. Christmas of '08 I gave my Mom and Mother In Law each a calendar custom with pictures of our families. I put almost 2 years worth of pictures on the Calendars. You can fine those ovaaa herrree. When using shutterfly you have so many choices from mother's day cards to new years cards, or even cups and mouse pads. You have a lot of options! I've made books to send with my husband on deployment as well. I can't wait to make our Christmas cards for this year. Which means I need to step up and get a family picture to put on our cards!

Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly. Learn more:

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ahhh the computer actually works!

I have had one ruff week and a half and my computer finally decided to connect to the Internet. Ryan's last ship op was easy as pie. It flew by with no problems. Kylie was good, I kept kinda busy, the house stayed cleaned. This ship op is the death of me. I realize this one is about a week longer but I was NOT prepared for it to be this hard. Seven month deployments are easier than what I have been threw in 8 days! When he first left as my last post stated how horrible Kylie has been. She cries and whines about everything. Every 10 minutes she is screaming about something and quite frankly I am OVER it. I miss Daddy just as much as she does but am I screaming about not getting my way? Okay so I do complain a hell of a lot.

Monday I had Lord knows what! I was throwing up from 8-8 every hour on the hour. Stomach virus or stress I have no idea  just glad it is over with. Now that I know my neighbors I have the option of sending the kids over to play when I need it. I put Delainey down for a nap that morning and sent Kylie next door. I am so grateful to finally have the ability to do that. I took a nap my self and nothing changed I felt just as bad. Around 3 that afternoon I started to try to find a way to get a hold of Ryan. I was a little over holding an 11 month old while throwing up so she didn't stick her hand in the toilet. Not to mention my 3 year old was making her own dinner. So about 4-5 hours go by after I resulted in contacting Ryan's Sgt and Ssgt and I FINALLY get a call from Ryan. At first the word was yes he could come home for the night. Mo was going to go pick him up from the field they were in. Then 30 minutes go by and I get a call from him saying Ssgt said no. He said to Ryan "Well she made it all day she can make it thru the night, what is she going to do when we're deployed?" If I could have talked to this man I would of ripped him a new one. First off I am moving home during deployment for this very reason, to have help when needed. Second, YOU are NOT deployed therefore he should be able to come home and help his family when they need it. Ryan knows damn well I never would of called unless I really needed him. I'm not one to call for stupid things. But over 24 hours of no food or liquid I was worried I'd end up in the hospital for dehydration.

Tuesday I woke up feeling a lot better. Still a little slow and wanting rest, which didn't happen! I am finally back to my normal self today. Two kids make it hard to recover from any kind of sickness.

Now I am ready for Ryan to be home and Thanksgiving to come. I have eaten so much fast food I am ready for a good home cooked meal! The thought of eating all the good food for Thanksgiving makes me warm inside. I am already stressing about Christmas presents for our families. I start thinking and making list this early every year but then procrastinate until the last minute. I need motivation! I am a little tempted to shop on black Friday this year. I never have, I hate crowds but have the urge to do the unthinkable this year.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Things That Come Out of a 3 Year Old's Mouth

She's adorable right?
Most of my friends and family see my kids thru pictures and sometimes I feel I would enjoy them better in still images. That cute and adorable little model up there is a pain in my rear end 99.5% of the time. I love her but she is wearing me out this week!

My husband is a Marine as you all know so you can guarantee he and his friends don't have the cleanest mouth and I have to admit my self that I swear like a Marine as well. We have yet to have any problems with Kylie saying bad words but the things she says sometimes really make me wonder. Where do kids hear these things and know how to use them in the right context. This week has been more than interesting with Kylie and her attitude. The start of the week was 2 days of her screaming and whining because she didn't want to clean the SAME mess. Two days she refused. I wouldn't give in. I know better than to let her make such a huge mess and never clean it up. { I did however end up cleaning it but I didn't let her see me do it}

End of day one of this attitude she looked at me and said " I don't want you to be my mother anymore." Yep my three year old used the word mother? About 2 hours later she told me she wanted Grandma to be her "mother" because she wouldn't make her clean up. I thought I had a few years before she would start telling me she didn't want me as a mom but I guess with such a diva of a child I was wrong!

Day two she was calling Delainey a loser. I don't call many people losers in fact I cant recall the last time I even used that word. I assume she heard it from my lovely neighbor. After saying her 11 month old sister was a loser over and over she proceeded to push her over.

Today was much better than usual for our horrible week. But tonight she sat down to clean up her toys before bed and said "Bummer" whisper "Damn it" I am guilty to be the one who says damn it often. But when hearing her say it before I told her you don't say that word you say bummer. Any time anyone raises their voice in our house she screams for them to say bummer whether they are cussing or not. It's so hard not to laugh when they say funny things like this but I held it in and told her yet again it was a bad word and she couldn't say it.

I always joke that we will get a phone call on the first day of kindergarten.

"Hello Mr Burke, your daughter said the f word to another child today."
"Well I don't know where the f*ck she heard that from."

Hopefully my joke does not come true and she continues to scream at Marines for cussing! 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I know you have all missed me right?!

I have not been on my computer in over a week. We are limited on time with my husband these days so I am enjoying the time to relax while I have his help as well as his company. His dad was here this weekend, to babysit for my first Marine ball. I thought that Ryan would be a  Master Gunny Sgt before I would make it to one but nope I made it. We had a lot of fun. The amount of alcohol my husband consumed was definitely at a Marine level. That night we got home at 1am and man was I tired. I have yet to load pictures on my computer but have one to give a sneak peak.

Ryan got off the ship early Monday morning but got off work at a decent hour that day. We took that opportunity to head to the pumpkin patch. The girls each got a small pumpkin and then we got a 70lb pumpkin. Ryan guessed it was 50lbs but he is apparently more diesel than he thought. ;) Kylie had a Halloween party on Saturday where she got to do some cute crafts. Sunday we obviously went trick or treating and man did she love it. She was at the door before her friend who was with us even knew she was headed to the next house. It was so cute to see her so excited. Kylie made off with an entire bucket full of candy. The next morning Ryan hid her bucket in a few places but some how she found it every time. She was on a sugar high all day then crashed from 7pm-8am.

Ryan and Kylie carving our huge pumpkin!

She was a butterfly! I could NOT find antenas anywehre!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sick Babies Make for an Exahusted Mommy!

Wednesday Kylie woke up pretty pitiful, just didn't want to do much. Around 12 she insisted she was not sick.

"Mom, I'm not sick I'm just tired, leave me alone."

So we went about our day as usual. She took a nap which is very rare so I knew something had to of been up. However she woke up from her nap feeling fine and playing. I took her outside to show her that her Daddy's ship was viewable from our house. Which excited her until she realized that didn't mean he was coming home that day. I wasn't brave enough to hit the store when I knew she wasn't 100% so Mo came over that night so I could get formula and diapers. You know the 2 things you CANT run out of and I do every time it's hard to leave the house. Not even 10 minutes after leaving the house Kylie threw up on Mo. How does that work? I was home with her all day long but the 15 minutes I am gone she does it. Luckily Mo was feeling okay and did not add to the pile of throw up. She even had it all cleaned up and Kylie in her night clothes when I got back. The next morning Kylie was fine and ready to play. I of course forced her to be stuck in the house for the next 24 hours. So having 2 kids means the "24" hour virus turns into a 48 hour virus. Delainey cried continuously for hours. I knew she didn't feel good but couldn't do much for her. I gave her Tylenol and we stayed away from solid foods. By Friday we were all better.  I spent the day attempting to clean up the mess of our 2 days stuck in the house. I sanitized toys and washed all blankets and clothes.

Kylie being pitiful on Wednesday night!
Yep, she is back to normal.
Nothing too exciting has gone on around here. Ryan's dad and his girlfriend will be here in the middle of next week. Then our ball is on Friday! Hopefully I will have a more exciting blog in the weeks to come.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MIA= Mommy In Action

I've been pretty MIA in the blog world lately. But I think it is because it is so crazy around here when Ryan is away for a while. So I am  not "Missing In Action". I'm being a "Mommy In Action". Plus I have just been one lazy bum. It has rained from Saturday to Tuesday. And I know you are all saying, doesn't it NOT rain in California? I beg to differ. When it rains here it pours and it floods. The gate was flooded on one side yesterday making it confusing to get in. {If you were one of those idiots who went in the visitor lane without looking to see what color the light was, I want to kick you}I realize that it doesn't rain much in California and this is why they don't have many drains but it just makes no sense to me. The few times it does rain we need more drains so things are flooding! There is ONE drain for every 5 that North Carolina has.

Saturday we had another birthday party in the culdasac. These neighbors have really made me feel welcome and I have started to love being here. Where as I am the farthest over and hide from my other neighbors I am not so fond of, when I get out of the house and do not hide it's always fun. Lenora is so sweet and we always have good conversation and she has love for Chickfila just like us! I don't just say that because she blogs as well. I do enjoy having her as a neighbor. Our kids are both within months of the same age which is a great thing to have in common.

Monday I got horrible news that my longest dearest friends lost their husband/father. He had diabetes and went in on Friday to get his foot amputated. Surgery didn't go as well as planned. By Monday he had had a heart attack and they did a brain scan that proved him to be brain dead. He was pulled off life support soon after. This man was such an amazing person. He was a gentle giant and was loved as well as loved many. This family has been in my life since the day I was born. Many years ago we lived next door to each other. My brother was the same age as their oldest daughter. My older sister is the same age as the youngest daughter. My younger sister is the same age as the son. No I did not miss a kid to match up to my age! I have given Mommy Janet, my moms best friend, a hard time for years. She forgot a kid for me. My mom said that if I could of seen the look on her face when she told her she was pregnant with me I would know why. Ok got a little side tracked but this family means alot to our family. It is killing me to be so far away at this time and although I could not do much more than be there, I want to be there.

All day yesterday I wanted nothing more but to eat Olive Garden. After Melissa {Mo} got off work she was wanting brownies. So we made an executive decision to go out at around 8 at night for a brownie and Olive Garden run. We got home the kids were asleep and oh how I love the easy nights like that. Mo took no time waiting to make those brownies. {She is 8 weeks pregnant. (:}I took one bite of my 5 cheese ziti and it did NOT hit the spot as I thought it would all day long. However those 4 bread sticks I ate were exactly what I wanted. So I will have lunch for today. On our way home we could of would of should of been in a wreck but some how passed it all easily. A car had spun out, from what we could put together, and was facing the wrong direction in the middle of the 5. A big truck was in the second lane we were in the far right lane, he had stopped in time but I know better than to slam on my breaks while going 65 in the rain so I slowly stopped and we went right by it all. As we went by we saw the backwards car drive away. Mo said she had direct contact with the man driving and saw the wife's face and it was complete terror, as mine would be. It still blows my mind how as far as we know no one was injured and we could all drive away. All that truck had to do was swerve over to get out of the way and there goes my drivers side and that would me little miss Delainey. Scares the crap out of me but we are fine and that is all that matters.

Pictures are down until tomorrow or I would have some for you, hope you all have had a great start to the week!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bathing Blues

Kylie has never really enjoyed taking baths. She loves to play and be in the bath but water in general is not her thing. Much like her mother who didn't learn how to swim until 3rd grade. I was that kid in the pool with floaties, a tube, and a noodle. So getting Kylie to take a bath is quite a challenge. You have to convince her that it will be the most exciting event of her 3 year old little life. Then while in the bath you have to again talk your way into getting her hair washed. Most often I would say she had bugs, spiders, food ok anything that would make her want to wash her hair. I try for a bath every other night. Never happens but the thought is there.

This was a while ago but shows how much she hates baths! lol
Recently Ryan was in charge of baths and all was going well. They all came out alive and he wasn't soaked upon leaving the bathroom. Until one day a few weeks ago the world ended in Kylie's eyes. Ryan was drying Delainey off as I was in the other room and I said "Did you leave Kylie in the bath alone? " His response, "Yes, she's at the age I don't have to stare at her in the bath the whole time she's in there." Not a minute later Kylie is screaming in agony. He had told her to wash her body. I walk in and 2 bottles of soap were empty in her bath soap bubbles were filling the bath her head, eyes, nose, mouth and anything else that would be painful. I had to let the water out and get clean water to attempt to debubble the child. About the time she had enough with the screaming, and mind you this screaming was like I took the poor girls barbies and held them over a 10 story window. I rinsed her as much as I could without her scratching and biting me. {Ryan said he was impressed on how she was trying to defend her self, me wasn't so impressed.} She must of swallowed quite a bit of soap and almost threw up once we got her cleaned off. Poor girls eyes were blood shot. Needless to say Daddy felt bad and will never leave her in the bath alone again.

Now she is going on maybe 3 weeks of no hair washings. I've tried everything I know how but at this point I'm glad I can even get her in the bath. We will be taking baby steps to get back to where we were. At first she was scared of the bath now she will get in just doesn't want her hair washed. Last night I was able to wet her hair just no soap. I swear she will have dreads before I know it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How many tickets did you say I had?!?

My husband normally gets off anywhere between 4 and 5 but yesterday to our surprise got off before 2. He had an errand to run then he would be on his way home. About 45 minutes went by and I knew it shouldn't of taken that long. I finally got a text from him saying " I'm sitting at the gate because of my tint, this is retarded." I don't think either one of us thought anything more of it. We have gotten pulled over in his car between the two of us at least 5 times in the past few weeks.

So some time passes no text back. I get a call with his frantic voice. The cop actually ran his drivers license this time. He then proceeded to tell Ryan that he has gotten 15 tickets, had his license revoked twice and been in an accident. First off he hasn't gotten a ticket since 2005. Second he has never gotten his license revoked. Third obviously by looking at his car he has never been in an accident. {ok since Garst tried to smoosh him into a cement wall} So he gets home and we look up numbers to call and try to figure out what to do about it all. Obviously it is a case of stolen identity. I just got my credit checked when we moved and it was fine, I'm assuming his is still in tact and no one is using his social. Hopefully the only thing being used is his drivers license.

Of course to our luck this all happened around 3:15 west coast time so all the offices in North Carolina were closed. And again to our luck he leaves Friday and has 2 days to figure all of this out. What baffles me is this guy {assuming its in fact a male} has had his license number long enough to get pulled over that many times! And how horrible of a driver is this person? After sitting thinking about it all for a while we both looked at each other and thought hmm maybe the cop just typed in his name and clicked it. There is in fact another Ryan Michael Burke in the Lake Norman area that we are from.

Little bit of a side track but a few years ago the other Ryan Burke fell threw a roof and was pretty badly injured, I believe he was in the paper as well. The amount of phone calls the two of us got were ridiculous. The weirdest part is both Ryan Burke's have a brother named Brendan.

So back to the real story, Ryan called his brother and said "Hey can you call Ryan Burke." Explained the story. After his brother laughed and gave the response" Oh dammmnnn, dammmmmn." after each sentence my husband said to him he agreed to call him. Still haven't heard back from him though. My husband will be calling the DMV and our insurance company to make sure our insurance doesn't go up. How did it not go up already?! And how and why wouldn't they tell us about it. I can't believe people do these things. We are fortunate enough to have the military to back him up to say yes he was here he hasn't left the state and so on and so forth. I'm hoping to catch this man and sue the crap out of him for fraud. Okay I doubt we will find him but hey we could use that money!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not So Eventful Weekend

I have not blogged in a while. My mom and stepdad were here this past week and we kept semi busy. My mom helped me sew a lot and showed me all her "tricks". Which I watched her do many times but still cant seem to do. We ate, which we do so much of when she is here. Of course there was a trip to Pink Berry! She was like a kid in the candy store when it came to the Commissary. The Naked beverage she drinks is normally $5-$6 but is only $3 there. My mom doesn't eat meat {and hell anything else that is good!} so I did not  bother to go to the store before she arrived. I said to Ryan, "Only thing I know she eats is salad and I'm sure I'd pick the one that is bad for you."

Friday, Ryan and I had our first date night in I think well over a year. We saw Life As We Know It, then headed to my favorite place The Melting Pot. I love that place! I have always left that restaurant feeling sick and asking my self why I ate that much. But you can't help it. I even asked for more brownies. Those last 2 little brownie chunks were the death of me! It was so nice to get out and eat with 2 hands, see a movie that has no cartoons in it and hop right in the car without buckling 27 buckles!

Ain't we just too cute?

Saturday, my parents left and headed up to Huntington beach. I'm assuming my stepdad's broken airplane that prevented Kylie's Paw Paw to be here Thursday got them home safely. Seeing as I got a call that my "toll violation" came in the mail.$59 because I had no cash to pay a toll and forgot to do it online!

Sunday, I sewed and destroyed the house as usual. I have 4 or 5 things started but some how haven't finished anything! How does that work? I should probably make my new project be finishing all my old projects. What I really should of been sewing is my favorite pair of pants!
 These things are my favorite. Ive had them for hmm 4 years now. I acquired them from a friend and know I appreciate them far more than she would have. My mom recently patched that hole my face is in. They use to be okay to wear in public, now adays I can barely run an errand in them. I try to wear them just around the house. The Commissary has a dress code and I'm positive these don't meet the criteria. Which I might add I find it ridiculous they have a dress code of any sort. And I can hear my mother saying "You shouldn't wear anything you cant wear there anyways." The many dress code battles I fought as a teen at school.

Monday, Ryan had a day off. He and Kylie went to get his hair cut, which is their outing that she looks forward to every weekend. I cleaned, sewed and went shopping, for food of course. All of our friends are deploying this week so we invited a few over to BBQ. Wanted to make sure to see them before they left!

That was our not so eventful weekend!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Babies are going to be everywhere!

I bet you all thought I was pregnant again. Nope I'm going to be an Aunt!

Yep I said it I'm going to be an Aunt. Before all my family freaks out no it is not Katie. Kelly {best friend} is pregnant. I have been holding this information in for months now and it is killing me. I was so happy when she gave me the okay to blog about that little bambino. Kelly is due April 2011. The day before she found out she told me she was late so when I got the 6am wake up call I ignored it knowing what she was going to say. So I went back to sleep and thank God I did! That day was I believe more stressful than the day I found out I was pregnant at 16 with Kylie. I paced my house all day trying to take in the news. I was more than excited for her but so stressed about being thousands of miles away from her at a time like this. I was on the phone all day with her as well as texting Lacy. We waited for Danielle to get home from the beach to give her the news. Were on a three way call and it got confusing to know who was talking so at first Danielle thought I was pregnant again. Once Danielle knew I could calm my nerves a little. For the next week I would get texts randomly from Danielle that would just say "dude Kelly is pregnant". It still has not quite set in but now that she is spilling the beans I think it will become more real.

I can't wait to spoil her kid the way they all spoil my kids. I thought it would be a while before Kylie would have cousins of any sort. I plan to be in North Carolina the entire month of April to make sure not to miss the birth of this beautiful little baby.
This was exactly 5 1/2 years ago tomorrow.

Not once on that day would either of us think 5 years from then I would have two kids living in California. Or that she would have one on the way. Life works in mysterious ways. I like to think kids at a young age is a blessing and I am so glad to be able to be there for her through this time. We've been thru a lot in our friendship but would never let any silly fight get in our way. I'm excited for her to start this adventure and ready to  help her in any way possible. Love you Shmelllls! :D

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I think I'm going to start a business..

Ive been talking to family and close friends for weeks now on my business ideas and can not wait to get started. I can't wait to get decent pictures of my items to get them on my website. Then I can post the site for all to see. It will be awesome to get some feed back and possibly sell stuff right away. My mom should really be the one making a business and as I'm coming up with the ideas I question why she never did. Who is going to buy my stuff? I'm sure you're all going "Meridith we have no idea what you are making I can not answer that question." But you could just pretend and say " Of course I will support you and help you get on your feet."

It is rainy and I ran out of all fabric to make anything out of. I'm in need of some batting as well. But taking these kiddos out in the rain is like an hour long process that just spells out disaster. We ran out of diapers this morning, so off to the commissary we went, ON pay day! Who does that? The whole base population gets paid on the same day therefore it is by far the worst day to go anywhere. I pulled into the parking lot and thought it was busy because of the rain. After I got home I realized it was pay day. Why on earth do people shop on pay day? Don't they realize whether they get paid or not they're still spending the same amount of money. That has never made sense to me.

I don't have much to say today its gloomy and I just want my husband to come home and cuddle up to watch Greys Anatomy with me.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I never craved strange things when I was pregnant but when I am not pregnant is when I eat weird things. Lately I have wanted to eat steaks and baked potatoes over and over. All I ever want is a nice thick still mooing at me steak with a potato loaded with sour cream. I eat a baked potato every day and that is not an exaggeration. I do not crave the potato I crave the sour cream. Why I don't just make a dip out of it, I don't know. I buy a pound, yep I said it a pound of sour cream EACH week. It's disgusting. Who on earth can really consume that much sour cream in a week, this girl. My husband does not like sour cream so I know its me. I believe he is tired of eating steak and potatoes. But is a good sport and just keeps eating it.

This morning I woke up and not 10 minutes later I wanted a blueberry muffin. I pulled out my phone and searched for a recipe that I thought would be good. Of course I landed on a Martha Stewart recipe. The only thing I did not have was blueberries. {Little did I know I had a bag of frozen ones in the freezer.} So I whipped up the most amazing blueberry muffins. Kylie has always loved blueberries and enjoyed 2 entire muffins. I stuck to just 1.
That is a sugar topping!

Makes 1 dozen

1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature, plus more for pan
2 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for pan
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups fresh blueberries
1 1/4 cups sugar
2 large eggs
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
1/2 cup milk
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Generously butter a standard 12-cup muffin pan and dust with flour, tapping out excess; set aside. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, and salt. Working over the bowl, toss blueberries in a fine sieve with about 1 1/2 teaspoons flour mixture to lightly coat; set aside the flour mixture and the blueberries.

In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, or using a handheld mixer, beat butter and 1 cup sugar on medium-high speed until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. Add eggs, one at a time, beating until combined. Mix in vanilla.

With the mixer on low speed, add reserved flour mixture, beating until just combined. Add milk, beating until just combined. Do not over mix. Using a rubber spatula, fold in the blueberries. Divide batter evenly among the prepared muffin cups. If desired, in a small bowl, mix together remaining 1/4 cup sugar and nutmeg. Sprinkle sugar mixture on top of muffin batter.

Bake, rotating pan halfway though, until muffins are golden brown and a cake tester inserted in the center of one muffin comes out clean, about 30 minutes. Transfer pan to a wire rack to cool 10 minutes. Turn muffins on their sides in their cups, and let cool. Serve warm or at room temperature.

It was quick easy and delicious! Now after talking about potatoes I will be making one for lunch!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It was a TuTu of a Success

I have spent many hours at the fabric store since I received my sewing machine. I go at night when Ryan can have the girls. If you could only imagine my two little monsters in a store such as that. I park in the exact same spot every time and get there around 7:45. Never fails that the parking spot is free. The same lady cuts my fabric every time. I'm beginning to feel like a regular in the world of sewing.

I tried a tutu for the second time. SUCCESS! I finally accomplished. Kylie helped, even though it was after her bed time, and was more than excited to bring it up to her room. She put it on first thing this morning and I found her a Halloween shirt to match. It's a funny feeling to feel so accomplished like you actually did something. Now I realize it was a tutu I shouldn't be getting that excited but I am. I will make one for Delainey tonight. Any of you Mamma's want a Halloween tutu for your munchkins? I'll gladly whip one up for you.
Picture isn't very good, but it will do.

My computer is failing on me hopefully I can slip this later.

I can't wait to reveal what I have been making and working so hard on. Soon very soon people you will see. :) I like the anticipation I can give you all. My husband has all the hopes in the world for me to go big with all these idea I have. And I hope he is right. Now back to creating master pieces!

Monday, September 27, 2010

"Friends", They Come They go but Friends are Forever

It's funny how fast you can stop talking to the people you call your "friend". I know hundreds of people, people I went to school with, worked with, or just met at a party. But out of those hundreds on my facebook page a select few I can count on. I've known the same crowd of people for years.

The people you call your "friends" are the ones who show up to a get together here and there, who only text or call when they have nothing better to do, or who try to sell you something for the price they would sell a stranger. The people that get mad at you for stating your opinion then never discussing the argument just pretending as if it never happen.You know the ones who can't stand being around your 3 year old because she wants their attention.

They are gonna kill me...
These are the people you want in your life's. The ones who can sit at your house doing absolutely nothing and not care. The friends that just come over to see you even if you have no plans or nothing to do. You make a boring day of packing into a fashion show of you dads random items in the closet. These two girls I would be so lost without. We are thousands of miles apart but they are who keep me sain. I could not talk to them for a week but I know they still love me. I know they will be there when I need them. We can get in an argument or even beat the crap out of each other but that will never change how we feel about each other.

Ok this is them on a normal day, they clean up nicely dont they?

It's crazy how horrible some people can be. People who think its okay to scam others out of money just because they don't know better. {Selling something for almost as much as you payed for it} In my eyes I will always help people, stranger or not. If I do not need an item I will give it to someone. My life does not revolve around money and I have learned in the past years I can not stand people whose do. Yes, I love nice things and I am quite fond of alot of them BUT I can live without. We don't not have all the money in the world right now and we do not freak out. I find it stupid to freak out and not live life as usual. You can not save more money by stressing out and reminding your self you are broke. Or the people who can only talk when it has to do with them. They start talking, spill their guts about what is wrong in their lives but the second you mention something in your life, "Well I have to go. Talk to you later." I get that a lot from quite a few people. Its like I'm just here to vent to, that's it. And not to mention it's normally the people who have nothing real wrong in their life.

How many of you have all these people who use to be there for you but you now realize they never really were it was all an act? Moving has really showed me who my real friends are. I talk to Danielle, Kelly, and Lacy regularly, well besides my family. They are who I want to move home for. Not saying the other people there are not liked, those are just the ones who show their commitment to our friendship. Some people I never expected to hear alot from have really showed me they care and love to hear about my life. {Miss Dana Lempp} I've made a great friend who we call Mo. They always say military wives stick together and can become your best friend and she has proved it. She has made my life in CA all the more bearable.

Life is short. Do not fret on the small things and better yet the small people who do not matter in your life. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Operation Security-OPSEC- In easy terms to understand here is a site that will describe it to all of you who have no idea what I'm talking about.

In general OPSEC is for the safety of our military men, eek and women, so people do not know when and where units will be arriving in different countries so on and so forth. On all of Ryan's deployments so far the date to leave and come home changes ALL the time. We made up a code because he could not tell me the date right over the phone. We played "battleships". He would simply say J 16. And I would know he was said to be home January 16th! It worked wonders.

I never once thought twice about saying when Ryan was gone training or could care less who knew he was not home. I recently came across an article of a Navy Wife who had posted on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace that her husband was deployed. She was later murdered and the police believe the killer did it knowing she would be alone. Since that day I have tried to be more cautious of the things I post the amount of times I say I am alone. I realize I am on base and much safer but it still makes sense to not let the entire world know I am alone. So if you ask when Ryan is gone or why I'm alone I may possibly delete the post after the conversation is over. Do not get offended it is for mine and the girls safety. And to all other military wives, take off your "half my heart is in _____" stickers off your car. People will follow you because of that sticker alone to see if you are alone. The yellow ribbons on your trees, same thing. You'd think we would get more respect for being alone but we are targets. Targets for the disgusting men out there who want nothing more than to find the perfect victim to rape and murder.

Now I still agree it does not matter who knows that my husband is in the field for the week. I don't think a terrorist could really care that his unit was playing in a dang field

So for future reference, I will be going insane for the next few months because of my husbands schedule and the insanity of the constant coming and going.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Base Living is the Place to Be

So far I have no real complaints about living on base. We have a much larger house, with great storage closets and more! I will hopefully be able to post some pictures soon once we get pictures on the walls and such.

The commissary is great to shop at. Everything is cheap and you can get anything you need there. Not to mention they have a car on their shopping cart, which obviously is all the rage in a 3 year olds eyes. {Might I mention that thing is a pain in the rear end to steer} Only problem we have come up with about the commissary is you can not purchase beer there which can become an inconvenience for my husband. In California you can purchase liquor at grocery stores so we got very use to that. Luckily there is a liquor store right across the street from the commissary.

Our furniture is FINALLY not smothered and covered in dust. It's a great feeling to not have constant head aches from allergies. We have carpet. Some hate carpet, I'm in love. Ive become obsessed with vacuuming, I like to be able to see the vacuum lines on my carpet. Yep, I'm strange. Our closet is finally not itsy bitsy and you can actually see all of my clothes at one time. {Our old one was 3 huge sliding mirrors, my stuff took up 3/4s of it}The furniture in our bedroom can finally be displayed as it should not squished in a corner up against a sliding door. :) Kylie has space to actually play in her room. And there is room for all her toys. Delainey's room is finally big enough to fit more than her dresser and crib in it. My poor visitors who got squished in her old room. There was room for our extra bed and that's about it. They had to squeeze their suit case at the end of the bed. I can fit my car in the garage WITH all of our paraphernalia in it. My stroller can stay unfolded for easy use to walk.
This is our HUGE kitchen that I do not know how to fill!

My complaints for base living: The shooting. They shoot things all day long some times. Who knows what the heck they are shooting but its loud and shakes my entire house. The first night I heard it it sounded like foot steps and I was alone and freaking out. By now I have gotten use to it but it has been over a day that they have been shooting. What can possibly make that much noise? I realize this is the stuff my husband does on a day by day basis but can you take it farther away from my house please? It wakes up my baby from her nap.

The speed limits! Who on earth can honestly go 15 mph?! That's absurd. My car has not seen that speed unless parking. I may be a little bit of a speeder but my lordy it is so hard to not speed on base knowing how horrible the MP's {military police} are. One day I was running to the store real quick, got a police escort to park my husbands car. They pulled me over because his tint was too dark and his tail lights are blacked out.  The look on this poor cops face when I put down that window and he realized I was in fact not a male. He told me I could only get pulled over so many times but then what? My husband cant go to work? Okay pull me over again please.

 He said "Ma'am you will get fined for this out in town if you don't get your husband to fix this problem." Me, "Ok, I'm sure we will just pay the fine"  "You don't want to be wasting all your money on silly fines do you?"
" It's not my money its my husbands and I'm pretty sure he likes his car to look this way. " " Its your money too isn't it, don't you spend it?" " I spend it well but he earns it not me so its his money."

Poor man was so shocked I did not claim my husbands money. Needless to say we have not changed his car, but I do refuse to drive it on base.

My final complaint, no starbucks on base! I realize they do not support our troops so that is the reason but sheesh I would love it to be more convenient to have a latte!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can I really do this?

After so much anticipation my sewing machine finally arrived. I was like a little girl on Christmas morning waiting for this little beauty. It's also an embroidery machine, so our names will be on everything shortly. The touch screen menu has all these help tabs. It will give you step by step video directions how to put thread on your bobbin. I have not sewn in years but have all these ideas running around in my head made me want a machine more than anything. I will not share my ideas because I love a good surprise.

My first master piece was quite the fail, so much a fail I cant even photograph to show you. One hint, when you think you should do something one way DO IT. Do not listen to your husband. I am in no way being mean but he is a Marine for a reason. He did not pick a seamstress as his job. He loves to help and I love him for that. But if you look at all his gear, its "fixed" with duct tape! But I will say that I tried a tutu. I was so unaware of the fact that it would scrunch up as much as it did. I however did not get discouraged. Its been years, I can keep trying and will succeed at some point.

I'm currently struggling to understand the directions on the pattern I got. Its telling me to do things that I have no idea what its talking about. My poor mother, she will get phone call after phone call of questions on how to sew and what I should do. As if she already doesn't get enough phone calls for cooking advice! This next thing I am for lack of a better word attempting, will be for a fellow Marine girl. I hope it turns out good enough to send to her.

Well back to staring at my directions! Hoping Delainey naps so I can get stuff done! :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

To: My Husband

I often take my amazing husband for granite. I do not give him enough credit for the long hours he puts in and the things he does for his family. He gets up in the wee hours of the morning to feed Delainey, then gets ready for work in the dark. {First time in a while his shirt was on inside out yesterday}We have had many ups and downs in the 5 1/2 years we have been together but I am very happy to state that we still love each other the same as we did the first day we met.

In a month it will mark the 4 years Ryan has been in the Marine Corps. He now gets a service stripe on his blues, and I am so proud of where he has come. He strives every day to be the best Marine he can. My husband is an underground motard and deep down inside loves every bit of getting yelled at, kicked, hit or whatever else his job brings at him. He looks forward to deployments and hopes to see "action" while away.

Our little girls have him wrapped around his finger more than any little girls I've ever seen. In Ryan's first 3 years in he was deployed more than he was home. This past year is the longest Kylie has been with her daddy since she was born. He has also been home for almost Delainey's entire first year.  They both love jumping on and playing with him. Ryan and Kylie wear Panthers jerseys on football Sundays and do matching touch down dances.  -Obviously not alot since we are talking about the Panthers here.

"One of the best feelings in the world is when I come home and my baby girl screams Daddy"
Ryan gets up every Saturday morning with the girls so I can get the chance to sleep in. He does this knowing that even if I promise to get up the next morning that I will most likely smack him and make him get up. He has been more than patient with my migraines that I have day by day. Ryan understands that I don't always feel like cooking a real dinner. And thankfully understands that I am still learning to cook. He calls me beautiful and tells me I look good even when I can not fit into the jeans I did before Delainey. I flick,pinch. hit and kick him and he still tries to kiss me. There are mot many mornings he forgets to kiss me good bye. I'm known to spend most of our extra money on my dirty obsessions and addictions at the Coach store. He would never yell or be mad at me for doing so.

Dear Husband,
You are amazing and I thank you for the things you
do for me and the girls daily.
Without you we would be lost and I thank God not
only for giving you to me but for helping
us stay together through all the things our life has
thrown at us.
I love you.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Doctor VS Mother knows best

In my 3 1/2 years of mother hood I have now only been to the ER once and it was not a real "emergency". I am my mothers child and do not really believe in all the shots and medicines they have. Mind you I am not as bad as her, I take Tylenol and Excedrin daily. But I think we have done well as parents to keep our girls healthy.
Tuesday, Delainey woke up from her nap and had a 103 temperature. She went to sleep perfectly normal and fine, not to mention in her 10 months of life she has never been sick.  So yes I panicked. I raced to find Tylenol and Motrin, called her doctor in Temecula. They were full for the day, called a friend for the Pediatrician on base. It was 3pm and the Navel Hospital said I could just bring her to the ER. Her fever got down to 100 by the time the nurse checked her. We sat patiently with our then happy baby because the Tylenol set in. {Keep in mind when I was younger I had seize rs because of a spiked fever and Kylie had done something similar a year or 2 ago. Fevers terrify me for this reason}Going in I knew she would be fine and it was an ear infection.

After the long 4 1/2 hours the doctor could care less what we said or what was wrong with her. She simply looked at her ears, acted as if we had no idea what we were doing and shouldn't be in there. We were asked to take her onsie off which was fine but we were then scolded for wrapping her in a blanket.

" When your kid has a fever don't wrap them in things, just keep blankets far away so you don't get tempted."

Ok so shocking her with the cold after taking off her clothes is okay? NO. The doctor also told me a fever should spike up that high in less than an hour. Am I the crazy one thinking she is wrong?? An infant to have a fever that high is not NORMAL! I understand that she is an ER doctor and our problem was not an emergency, but pretend to care. Pretend as if you give a damn that my daughter spiked that high of a fever. Luckily she prescribed her amoxicillion and we could get it filled and be on our way. My one trip to the ER has me deciding they should have a section for kids. All moms know best for their kid. All they had to do was look at her ears and know I was right. That could of saved hours off our visit!

Thank goodness we had Mo and Jay watch Kylie. I could not imagine having her there the whole time. Delainey is now on a no sleep binge. She skips every nap, every day. I'm going on 4 days of no shower. I always shower during her naps but without the nap, there is no shower. She has also learned how to escape from her swing so I cant even put her there and shower quickly without her climbing out and getting hurt. I promise you all I will hop in the shower the second Ryan gets home today!
This is why I do not leave my kids alone!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ohhh blogggg I have missed you!

It has been far too long since I have blogged. Not even sure what I have to talk about. We moved about a month ago on base. Love love love it so far. Its a great change for the whole family. Kylie is able to have more kids to play with, and I am able to also have more friends to hang out with. Our good friends the Carroll's also moved on base and it works perfectly.

Moving is crazy, especially when it is only 45 minutes from your old house. You start out being organized and packing things neatly and in some sort of order. Then it gets to the point where you just throw things in boxes. I found a box that had holiday decorations, towels, and kitchen stuff. I have most of the house completely unpacked, then you have my husbands random box of stuff that he has no idea what to do with. It will sit in our room for a while I'm sure. My oldest, Kylie, has 2 huge boxes of toys I have no idea what to do with as well. Other than that it is time to start hanging things on the walls!
10 Wood Frames in a Box Set, Black
I want one of these!

I am finally attending a Marine ball! This will be my husbands 4th ball in the Marines, first two years he was deployed and the third I was 9 months pregnant. I have a dress a friend will be sending me and I can not wait to try it on. So now I am left to figure out what shoes I should wear and how to do my hair! Up, down, to the side, curled, or straight??? Far too many things to question.