Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I need a nap.

People have asked me to blog again. I haven't really felt like it but figured I would give you all a recap of my wonderful week. I have decided every February is just destined to be the month someone or all of us get sick.

Last Monday I get a call from Ryan's Captain. In true form my kids are screaming and running around due to the fact they think that's what you're supposed to do when there is a phone next to my ear. So I miss the guy's name. He was supposed to email me a form because some how Kylie is not listed as Ryan's dependent?! How in sweet baby Jesus does that even happen? That kid has been his dependent before I was listed as his dependent. So I wait 2 days but never get an email. Ryan just got to this unit, I don't know our FRO (for yall that arent military, Family Readiness Officer, meaning guy who talks to wives lol) I have never spoken to one person in this unit. I ended up googling who our FRO was, emailed him to sound like the crazy person that got a call from a Captain something something and needed info. He emails back to tell me my lovellllly husband forgot to turn in his paperwork and he cant give me information about the unit because I wasn't listed. Luckily he did forward my email to 2 Captains and I found the guy I was looking for but it was quite the process.

So then our weather decided to be bad Tuesday and Wednesday. You know rain. How dare it rain. School was canceled base was closed. I couldn't go sort all this out if I wanted to. Which seriously I have been trying to avoid it all together since he called. She could get away with murdaaa she doesn't exist.Tuesday Delainey decided a fever and a barking cough would be fun. Which then started the kids avoiding sleep like the plaque.

Thursday we are back in school and then the craziness of Candy Grams happened. I failed as a PTO member and did not get our Candy Grams forms passed out in enough time. Therefore most students did not get them until Monday, meaning we got all 558 students forms in one day. I didn't want to leave the house with Delainey because it had not been 24 hours since she had a fever, so luckily I could get someone to bring me forms for me to write receipts, type labels and label lollipops. So the writing the orders was easy. {Minus the parents that sent in $10 for a $1 worth of Candy Grams. I will take that $9 as a donation to PTO thank you!} Of course my computer decided to get a virus that morning. I was using my old lap top from 1987. I failed to get ink but same awesome lady that brought me stuff had stocked up. Then her printed crapped out on her so I only had 5 sheets of labels printed. After labeling those and moving on to Kylie's personal Valentines, eating my cold dinner and getting ready for bed it was 3am. Delainey got up at 4 coughing. Bentley got up at 6:30 for the day. So that night I never slept.

Friday was popcorn Friday, jump rope for heart, as well as finishing the 800+ candy grams. The popcorn room was like a factory. I was labeling lollipops in between bagging popcorn. I have the most amazing neighbor who kept my coughing child as well as destructo. If I had to of taken them it would of been painful. I was finally cool calm and collected after we finished it all on time. I went to pick Kylie up from school that afternoon and her teacher tells me she has a head ache. That is the only day I have walked in weeks, she cries the whole way home, stops at the drive way and throws up 3 times. Yay. Throw up. {I must say I was okay with it being ouside, bucket of water and its cleaned up} After convincing her to take Tylenol she is completely fine and I have decided she has inherited my migraines. Let the fun begin. That night my kids took turns waking up. A total of 13 times between the 3 of them.

We spent the weekend inside trying to organize their rooms an attempt to redecorate things that need to be replaced. Why is furniture so expensive? 2 kids needs new bed and 1 needs a new dressers. :(

I woke up this morning after 0 sleep, imagine that shit. Checked my email to realize that the kids approval to see their doctor in Hampstead (who theyve seen since we lived here) was denied again. And my head light is out. Do yall know how hard it is to replace a head light on a Yukon. You literally have to take the whole grill apart. The commissary trip trumped going to fix the dependent crap. Maybe tomorrow?

So to recap, Kylie doesn't exist to the government, I cant drive at night, Delainey is still sick, none of them sleep, and I can't take them to the doctor. Yay for February!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ignorane is a Bliss

I have not blogged in 700 years. Not really sure why. I guess I run out of things to ramble about. But this week I have been annoyed of the same topic that has too many words to write a status implying that I hate people and the world. So here I am.

A few weeks ago I wrote a facebook status about how people should not compare nor compete with others in life because we were all raised different and are all different. About 25 people screen shotted it and sent to a friend asking if they saw my status and was it about so and so which then got sent to me to find out if it was about so and so. So just to clear that up, it was in fact NOT about any particular person. It was something I have noticed more and more lately that has annoyed the crap out of me. I cant say that I have never judged because I know I do it. More often than I should. But upon realizing how obnoxious people are about competing in this little military town I have made my self more aware of what I am judging others on.

As most of you know my handsome man of a husband returned from Afghanistan last week. The kids have loved every second and well I can't lie that I havent enjoyed someone around to help out. Not the point of telling you he came home. We have finally had the chance to have real conversations about what he did over there and who he was with and blah blah blah. Then I was told about the epitome of ignorance.

A Marine my husband had the grand ole pleasure of spending 185 days with had the nerve to tell my husband that our kids were bad.  Wait what? I am the first person to tell you my kids are a pain in my rear in 99% of the time but with that being said they are also VERY well behaved children. Outside of the house particularly. This guy has been around my kids 3 times tops to make it even more fantastic and ridiculous. It blows my mind that someone can judge children so quickly. Kids will be kids. Its how life works. You can not have a perfect kids 24/7, especially 3 perfect kids that close in age. My oldest fights with me on every pair of shoes I try to put on her feet. She has a panic attack when she is hungry. {Thank you hypoglycemia} My middle child has well middle child syndrome and thinks everything is hers no matter what it is. Bentley is the baby and he also thinks everything is his and I have spoiled him rotten. But that does NOT mean they are bad kids. I know my kids limits and I don't exceed them. I know exactly how long I can sit in a car with them before shit hits the fan. I know exactly how many stores I can go in before I am that Mom with the 2 screaming kids and the other one darting in the street.  Every child has a point where they are no longer that angel sitting there quietly. Seeing as he has a newborn I'm not sure how he can say he knows what parenting is like in the first place.

After saying my kids are awful he went on to say that my choices are bad as well. Yup I'm a horrible wife. I've spent at least 60 months alone since my husband has joined the Marines but hell if I'm not a horrible person. I use the F word more than any normal human should but tell me how that describes the person I am? Its like saying that because I have tattoos I am a bad mom? That makes absolutely NO sense. Yes I cuss at my kids. Yes I use the f word to spice up my sentence even when its not necessary but that doesn't define me as a person. My house is nearly spotless all day every day. Dinner is on the table when my husband gets home. Laundry is done and put away. Fridge is stocked. Homework is done. The kids are bathed. The cars are clean. I know for a fact half of that is not done in his house all the time but yet I am the bad wife? When Ryan went back to work the day after they got back from deployment he left as soon as he could, what did this guy do? Oh right, he stayed a few extra hours to drink with his friends. If he has such a great wife then why is my husband rushing home to be with me and he's lying to his?

I adore this man's wife so it is a shame that this is how he talks about our family. What makes others think that they can talk bad about someones family for no reason?Why should he be concerned with the way we run our house hold? Every house is run differently and some people just cant wrap that around their brain. This dude and my father in law are welcome to have a "I hate Meridith and the way she throws around the F word and voices here opinion" party. Because they both seem to hate me for the same reasons.

So reevaluate the way you look at others and their life style. No reason to judge. We are not all equal. Even if Obama is trying to make it that way.